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Cockroach Control Tips

Cockroach Control Orange County

Cockroaches are among the more visually displeasing pests that you may run into in the eyes of many homeowners. Fortunately, this type of pest control in Orange County is relatively straightforward. Here is a look at a few important cockroach control tips.

One popular form of cockroach control is baiting. Cockroaches are drawn to the bait and will die upon ingesting it; they also tend to share the bait with other cockroaches, which means they unknowingly help you to combat the infestation. You can also use traps that instantly kill and contain the pests; hide them under your appliances or in other dark areas where roaches tend to nest. If your cockroach infestation is particularly extensive or you have not found success with baiting or trapping, do not hesitate to call your pest control professional in order to have the problem dealt.

For more cockroach control tips call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. Our company offers a variety of pest control services in the Orange County area. If you have termites or bed bugs or you are interested in learning about our residential or commercial pest control, feel free to visit our website today.

A Look at the Signs that You Have a Rodent Control Problem

Rodent Control Orange County

Rodent control in Orange County can be a simple process, but the professionals cannot start working until they are called upon. If you are suspicious that you may have rodents living in your home, you should be aware of the signs to look for. Here is a look at the signs that you have a rodent control problem.

Biological Evidence
If you have a rodent control problem, you will likely encounter biological evidence at some point. You may actually see a rat or a mouse or come across a pile of droppings; you will typically find rodents or their droppings in areas where you store food, especially if your food is not stored in airtight containers. If you are suspicious that you may have a rodent problem, check hidden areas where mice might crawl around and feel protected like high up areas or spaces that are low to the ground. It is important to be careful because rodents and their droppings can transmit disease.

Smells and Sounds
Rodents not only leave visual clues to alert you to their presence; they also notify your senses of smell and hearing. If you smell a musky odor, especially in a closed off room, you may be dealing with house mice. You may also hear noises coming from your upper floor or attic at night. Rodents tend to be nocturnal, so if you listen carefully you may hear them scavenging for nest making materials at night.

Call a rodent control service or a pest service professional if you find that your garbage bags have been chewed through or your food containers show gnaw marks. Rodents will also attempt to chew your wires and other similar materials in order to repurpose them for their own use.

Do you believe that you have a rodent control problem? Call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. We provide the Orange County area with bed bug control, fumigations, and other pest control services. Feel free to visit our website or stop in and meet with us today if you live in the area.

Spotlight on Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control San DiegoWhile residential pest control in San Diego is incredibly important, infestations in commercial settings can lead to public health risks, damaged goods, and lost jobs. If you notice any signs of termites, rodents, or other pests in the workplace, a professional should be called immediately. Continue on as we put the spotlight on commercial pest control.

At Payne Pest Management, we are happy to create a custom treatment plan for your business and your building. Through effective communication and integrated pest management we will seek to eliminate any current infestations and prevent pests from rebuilding their habitats. We will do so using the safest and most effective and efficient tools and methods that are possible in your specific situation, using physical and mechanical equipment and the least hazardous pesticides.

Are you in need of pest control services for your business? Contact Payne Pest Management or visit our website. We specialize in both residential and commercial pest control in the San Diego area. Feel free to stop in and meet with us or call us at (877) 365-5629 to find out more about our bed bug, termite, and rodent control services.

Are Bed Bugs on the Rise?

Bed Bugs Orange County

Although they are not the most dangerous pests, bed bugs in Orange County have been intruding in homes throughout history. Although pest control services have developed effective treatments for these infestations, the problem continues to occur. Keep reading to find out if bed bugs are on the rise and what you can do about them in your home.

Popular Locations
Although bed bugs are by no means a new problem, they have shown a particularly noteworthy resurgence over the past few years. Despite the common misconception that they are more likely to infest cluttered homes and only the unkempt hotel rooms, bed bugs could be anywhere. They do tend to be found in areas that experience rapid turnover in residency such as dorm buildings, hotel rooms, and hospitals. However, due to their willingness to travel, it is rare for any given location to be inherently immune to bed bugs.

Bed bugs display certain traits that help them survive over long periods of time and travel over great distances, allowing them to spread their infestations and make their comeback effective. Although they survive by consuming blood, they do not need to feed every day; this makes it very difficult to starve these pests out. They also travel by hitching a ride on clothing or in suitcases, purses, or backpacks. When pests are able to transport themselves like that, they can spread their influence anywhere they desire.

The fact that most homeowners do not know exactly how to kill bed bugs effectively combined with the resilience of these pests lead to professional pest control being the best treatment method. In the meantime, however, you can wash your bedding in hot water and allow the heat to kill any bed bugs that you may currently have.

For more information about bed bugs please feel free to call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. We provide pest control services in the Orange County area. If you would like to learn more about our fumigations and rodent control, please do not hesitate to visit our website for more information.

How a Pest-Free Home Keeps You Healthy [INFOGRAPHIC]

No one likes living with pests, but when people schedule fumigation service, they’re usually thinking about the nuisance factor, and not their health. In reality, sharing your home with pests can put the wellbeing of your family in jeopardy. Consider cockroaches, for instance. These pests can trigger asthma symptoms, cause skin rashes, and carry harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella into your home. Rodent control is important to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases like dangerous hantavirus. Find out more about the dangers of pest infestation and the link between pest control and health in this infographic from Payne Pest Management. We provide pest control in Orange County and can help your family beat the risks associated with infestation. Contact us when you need residential pest control, and help convince your friends and family about the urgency of pest control services by sharing this information.

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