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Bed Bug Removal in Multi-Family Homes

Bed Bug Treatment Orange County

If you live in an apartment building or other multi-family property, it is highly important to schedule bed bug treatment serving Orange County at the first sign of an infestation. Bed bugs can spread rapidly between apartments, and a quality pest control service can ensure that your home is protected from these nasty creatures. If you are wondering how to kill bed bugs, let’s take a look at bed bug removal in multi-family homes.

Challenges of Pest Control
A multi family home poses specific challenges when it comes to bed bug removal. Since many different residences may be sharing the same walls or other structural systems, bed bugs can travel easily from unit to unit. With many people living in close proximity to one another, a multi-family home can create the ideal conditions for a bed bug infestation to spread rapidly.

Controlling Bed Bugs
In order to ensure that a bed bug threat has been fully eliminated from a home, each resident will need to comply with bed bug removal procedures. This may start by informing residents that a bed bug issue has arisen in one or more building. By disclosing this information, property managers or landlords can ensure that the problem is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Bed Bug Removal
There are several bed bug removal techniques that may be used in multi-family homes. The removal may start with a thorough inspection of all of the affected properties. Next, a technician will recommend the best bed bug removal treatment that will eliminate the pest problem for good.

If you are dealing with a pest control problem in Orange County, be sure to contact the experts at Payne Pest Management. We proudly provide our many satisfied customers with a complete range of pest control services, including bed bug control and more. To make an appointment for pest control services on your property today, give us a call at (877) 277-3970.

Understanding the Basics of Rodent Control

Rodent Control Orange County

Rodents are a familiar pest for homeowners throughout the Orange County area. While rats and mice may seem like minor nuisances, these furry pests can pose a serious health and safety risk to you and your family. A company specializing in rodent control near Orange County can provide you with all of the services needed to eliminate a rodent issues on your property. By working with a highly rated company offering pest control services hear you, you can rest assured that your rodents are gone for good. To help you with your pest control needs, here is a look at the basics of rodent control.

Seal Food Sources
When rodents enter your home, they are typically looking for shelter and food. To eliminate any potential food sources for rodents, it is a great idea to tightly seal all of the food in your pantry. In addition, you may want to purchase a garbage can with a tight fitting lid.

Eliminate Shelter
Along with getting rid of food sources, you can discourage rodents by eliminating places for these furry pests to hide. For example, you may want to seal any holes and cracks in your basement or attic. You can also be sure to get rid of leaves and other debris in your yard.

Cover Entry Points
A final technique for rodent control is to cover any entry point that rats or mice may be able to use to get inside your home. For example, you can make sure that there are screens on your windows. You can also take care to close all exterior doors whenever possible, as open doors can provide rodents with easy access to your home.

When you are dealing with a rodent problem, Payne Pest Management will be there to assist you. Our technicians specialize in rodent pest control, and we will make sure that rats or mice are completely eliminated from your property. Call us at (877) 365-5629 to make an Orange County pest control appointment today.

Travelling This Summer? Follow These Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs

Orange County Pest Control

The summer season has arrived, and now is a time when many families hit the road for their annual vacations. If you are planning a summer trip, it is important to know that bed bugs could be lurking in your hotel. If you pick up bed bugs while you are away, a company offering pest control in Orange County can help you eliminate the issues. Whether you choose a fumigation service or another type of treatment, you can rest assured that your bed bugs will be gone after you have worked with a pest control professional. To help prevent the need for bed bug extermination this summer, here are some tips for avoiding bed bugs when you travel.

Inspect Your Hotel Room
When you check into your hotel room, it is essential that you take the time to inspect each area of the room, before you even begin unpacking your suitcase. To inspect a hotel room for bed bugs, you can check areas around the bed, mattress, and linens. For example, you should make sure to remove the sheets and look for any signs of bugs or stains.

Place Your Luggage Carefully
Even if you do not spot any signs of bed bugs when you check into a hotel room, it is important to place and unpack your suitcase with care. For example, you should avoid placing your suitcase directly on the bed. Additionally, you may also consider putting a plastic cover over your suitcase after you have checked into your hotel.

Unpack With Caution
After you return home from a trip, there are steps that you can take to make sure that bed bugs are not able to enter your home. To ensure that your clothing is bed bug free, you should wash each garment on high heat before putting it away.

If you are in need of bed bug extermination in the Orange County area, be sure to contact Payne Pest Management by calling (877) 365-5629. We pride ourselves on our pest control services, and we will ensure that your home is completely pest-free.

The Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed Bug Treatments Orange County

When you are in need of a bed bug treatment serving Orange County, you may want to ask your pest control company about the benefits of heat treatments for bed bugs. Heat treatment is a unique type of bed bug control that has shown a high rate of effectiveness in eliminating bed bug colonies. During this type of pest control service, bed bugs are exposed to high levels of heat. The heat will destroy adult bugs as well as eggs that are waiting to hatch. For this reason, a heat treatment can eliminate a bed bug problem for good.

To learn more about the bed bug treatment options that are available for your home, be sure to contact Payne Pest Management by calling (877) 277-3970. Our team of experts will be on call to help you remove your bed bug problem, and we will make sure that all of your home pest control needs are met.

The Health Dangers of Rodents In Your House

Pest Control San Diego

Rodents are a familiar nuisance for any home or property owner. While these furry pests may seem like a minor concern, a rodent infestation can actually place you and your family members at risk. By scheduling pest control with a company offering rodent control near Orange County, you can feel great knowing that your rodent problem has been removed for good. To highlight the importance of rodent pest control, here is a look at the health dangers of rodents in your house.

One of the deadliest diseases that can be spread by rodents is the hantavirus. This serious illness is transmitted through the droppings or urine of rats and mice. When a person comes into contact with hantavirus, he or she may develop symptoms that are similar to the flu. Since hantavirus can be deadly, it is highly important to trust your rodent control to the professionals.

While the plague may seem like an illness from the Middle Ages, today’s rodents are still carriers of this notorious disease. Cases of the plague have been reported as recently as the year 2010. If your home has become infested with rodents, you and your loved ones will be at risk of developing this serious disease.

A rodent infestation can also cause health and safety concerns in your food supply. Rodents are known carriers of salmonella, which is a serious foodborne disease. When a rat or mouse enters your pantry, he can spread salmonella poisoning to your food. Your pest control company can prevent salmonella from spreading to your food from a rodent problem.

If you are concerned about rodents in your house, be sure to set up rodent control service in Orange County. With professional help from Payne Pest Management in Orange County, you will be able to eliminate your rodent problem completely. To set up a consultation for your home, give us a call at (877) 277-3970.

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