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Can a Hornet Sting More Than Once?

Bees, wasps, and hornets can sting you and leave some of their venom behind, which is something to keep in mind if you have children. Hornets make for an especially serious pest control situation because of the nature of their stingers.

If you’re wondering if an insect can sting more than once, the answer is in the stinger. If the stinger is barbed, it will get stuck in the skin and continue to release venom. Unfortunately for the bug, the stinger is connected to the digestive system, so the bee or wasp will die after losing its stinger. Hornets, on the other hand, have smooth stingers. This means they can sting multiple times and still retrieve their stingers and survive. Some hornet stings can even be fatal, so remember to call your pest control professional if you notice any signs of a hornet problem.

When you need to contact pest control in Orange County because you have a hornet infestation, call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. We specialize in residential and commercial pest control, and you can learn all about our services by visiting our website.

Signs of Silverfish and Firebrat Damage

If your books and paper products are looking like they’ve been tampered with, you might have a pest control issue on your hands. Silverfish and firebrats feed on cellulose, so they’re attracted to everything from books to clothing. Keep reading to learn about the warning signs of silverfish and firebrat damage.

Although silverfish and firebrats feed on the cellulose in books, clothing, and dry foods, their jaws aren’t strong enough to actually puncture much of anything. They can’t even bite through paper efficiently, so instead they scrape the page. If your books have strange discolorations for no apparent reason, these bugs may be the cause of the problem. There may be physical holes in the page as a result of the wear, and the damage will be spread out in irregular blobs across the paper. These pests are nocturnal, so you won’t see them during the day.

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Smart Strategies for a Bug-Free Pantry

You don’t want bugs in your home at all if you can help it, so you definitely don’t want them to be around your food. Using airtight containers can help, but you also need to call pest control services quickly if you do notice a problem. Even your pet food may attract bugs, so read ahead and pick up some smart strategies for a bug-free pantry.

Seal Your Containers

You probably realize that bugs are attracted to food, but you might not know that they can even sense the food inside your cabinets. To thwart the bugs and enjoy your health and comfort, keep your food in sealed airtight containers. There’s no way for bugs to get into these locked cases, so they won’t be able to contaminate your food.

Call Pest Control

If you do suspect that you have a pest control issue to deal with, call the professionals to get a second opinion. The professionals will determine whether or not there is in fact a bug problem. If there is, they will be able to eradicate it so you don’t have to worry about bugs getting into your food products. Look into different pest control companies in your area and choose one that looks reputable rather than going for the lowest price. This will ensure that you fully deal with the problem instead of having to call another service when the infestation resurfaces in a month.

Secure Pet Food

Bugs are not picky, so they’ll go after your pet food if they can’t get into your human food. If you keep pet food in the pantry, follow the same rules you would follow for your own food to avoid contaminating your pet’s meal. Make sure it’s difficult to access, and find a sealable container that you can store the pet food inside.

Let Payne Pest Management help you enjoy a bug-free pantry and a clean, healthy household. Our company offers various pest control services in San Diego that will keep you, your family, or your employees safe from contamination. Call our commercial and home pest control company at (877) 365-5629 today.

How to Prevent Termites From Entering Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

Termites start searching for food as the temperatures start to warm up in the spring. Termites are responsible for $5 billion worth of property damage every year, so it’s especially important to do all you can to prevent them from entering your home. The following infographic presented by Payne Pest Management will give you some tips to help keep the termites out.

Types of Rats You Might Encounter Around Your Home

Though you don’t want any kind of rat invading your home, you should know the difference between species so you can inform your pest control professional. Norway rats and roof rats are two of the common rats you’ll find inside or around the house, but with the right prevention techniques, you can keep them out. Here’s a closer look at the types of rats you might encounter around your home.

Norway Rats

Knowing which kind of rat is infesting your home helps push you in the right direction in terms of pest control. The two common types of rats that you might find inside are Norway rats and roof rats. Norway rats are also referred to as sewer rats, and they tend to be bigger than other species that you would find in your house. This kind of rat typically uses paper or cloth to create its nests, and they can be found just about anywhere in the contiguous United States. They tend to prefer lower elevations, making basements a popular spot for them to hide out.

Roof Rats

Smaller than Norway rats, roof rats are sometimes called black rats. They have long tails in comparison to their bodies, and unlike Norway rats, they like to be up high. They’re exceptional climbers and are known to hide in the shrubs around your house and the trees that hang above it. If you hear the pitter patter of tiny, scurrying footsteps from upstairs, you might be dealing with roof rats.

Pest Prevention

A rat infestation can make people squeamish as well as contaminate food and living spaces, so don’t wait to call your pest control professional. You can also fix broken doors and windows or install sweeps in your exterior doors to make sure this kind of infestation doesn’t make its way into your home.

If you come across any kind of rat in your home, remember to call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. In addition to rodent control near Orange County, we can teach you how to prevent bed bugs. See our website if you’re looking for a professional exterminator.

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