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Comparing Termites and Flying Ants

When you are scheduling pest control services for your home, it is important to learn about the different types of insects that may be causing your infestation. For example, it can be difficult to evaluate the difference between termites and flying ants. To distinguish between termites and flying ants, you will want to look at each insect’s antennae, waist, and wings. A company offering pest control in Orange County can help you determine exactly which type of insect is plaguing your home. For a look at the differences between termites and flying ants, check out this video from Pestworld.

To learn more pest control tips for your home, be sure to get in touch with Payne Pest Management. We are pleased to provide the Orange County area with quality pest control services. Call us at (877) 365-5629 to hear more about the great residential pest control services and fumigations that we have to offer for your property.

Signs You May Have a Rat Problem

Rats can be a problem in the home throughout the year. In the event that your house becomes infested with rats, the health and safety of your family could be at risk. To make sure that your rat problem is fully eliminated, you will want to schedule rodent control near Orange County. With services from a pest control company, you can return your home to rodent free condition in no time. Here is an overview of some of the signs that you may have a rat problem in your home.

Gnaw Marks

One of the top signs that you may have a rat problem in your home is when you begin to notice gnaw marks on wooden surfaces throughout your property. Since a rat’s teeth are continually growing, he must chew on wood in order to prevent his teeth from getting too long. If you spot the signs of gnawing on your baseboards or cabinets, you should schedule pest control services immediately.

Nesting Materials

Along with looking for gnaw marks around your property, it is also a good idea to check for the signs of nests or nesting materials. A rat colony will use insulation, cotton fibers, and even small pieces of grass to build its nests. If you see nests in hidden places around your house, this is a sure sign that you are in need of extermination services.

Unusual Noises

In order to determine whether you have a rat infestation, you should be aware of any unusual noises around your house. When rats take up residence on your property, they may make squeaking or shuffling noises as they travel behind your walls. These sounds could be an indication of a rat problem in your home.

At Payne Pest Control, we can help you remove rats or mice from your house. When you are in need of rodent control or other pest control services in Orange County, be sure to get in touch with our highly rated company. To book a pest control appointment today, give us a call at (877) 365-5629.

What Causes a Silverfish Infestation?

While silverfish are very small insects, a silverfish infestation can cause discomfort in any household. When experiencing a silverfish infestation on your property, you will want to set up professional pest control services right away. From termites and bed bugs to rodent pest control and more, a company offering pest control in Orange County can help you eliminate any type of pest. To help you avoid the nuisances that are associated with silverfish in the home, here is a look at what causes a silverfish infestation.

Ideal Living Environment

A silverfish infestation can be caused when your home provides the ideal living conditions for these types of insects to grow and thrive. Typically, silverfish prefer moisture and cool temperatures when they are seeking out a living environment. For this reason, silverfish are often found in attics, basements, and crawlspaces.

Plenty of Food

Along with seeking out the proper living conditions, a silverfish colony is always on the hunt for food. Silverfish consume a variety of carbohydrate-based materials, such as glue, paper, adhesives, and more. You may also find silverfish living in your kitchen pantry, where they can feed on staples such as flour and oatmeal. By eliminating their food source, you can go a long ways towards controlling a silverfish infestation in the home.

Long Life Cycles

Finally, the long life cycle of the silverfish can contribute to an infestation. On average, a silverfish can live anywhere between two and eight years. During this time, a single silverfish can have up to one hundred or more offspring. By completely eliminating a silverfish colony, you can ensure that these nasty creatures do not take up residence in your home.

If you have noticed an insect infestation on your property, be sure to contact Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. We proudly provide the Orange County area with a full range of top rated pest control services. With the assistance of our pest control professionals, you can ensure that your home is free and clear of silverfish and any other bugs.

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes Around Your House

If you enjoy spending time outdoors during the summer season, chances are that you are continually on the lookout for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can carry a variety of dangerous viruses that pose health and safety threats to your friends and family. In order to ensure that your property is free and clear of mosquitoes this summer, you may want to set up a pest control appointment for your home near Orange County. Your pest control company can install an advanced misting system that will keep mosquitoes away from your yard. Another mosquito control method includes installing mosquito nets around key areas of your property.

To prevent mosquitoes in your yard this summer, it is a great idea to call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. Whether you have bed bugs, termites, or another type of insect problem, our team will be there to assist you. We look forward to helping you create a custom pest control plan for your household.

Why Are There Ants in Your Kitchen?

Along with bed bugs and termites, ants are among the most feared insects that can infiltrate a home. When you find an ant infestation on your property, there could be a few causes of the problem. For example, ants are drawn to kitchens because these spaces often have spilled food or other enticing items. With the help of a company that offers pest control in Orange County, you can rest assured that your ant problem will be remedied right away. To learn more about why ants are often found in kitchens, be sure to watch this video from Pestworld.

At Payne Pest Management, we can assist you with a wide variety of pest control services. From bed bug control to termite elimination and more, we will be there to make sure that your house is free and clear of pests. Give us a call at (877) 365-5629 to learn more about how we can help you.

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