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Your Guide to Common Lawn Pests

Last updated 2 years ago

When it comes to pest control, most homeowners concern themselves first and foremost with pests that invade their home. While bugs and mice can cause damage and pose health concerns inside the home, there is a host of pests that can wreak havoc on your lawn as well. Three common Southern California lawn pests that you or your pest control professional may encounter are as follows:


Active year-round, gophers are exceptional diggers that can build a network of burrows underneath your home, where they can live and feed undetected for quite some time. Gophers eat at the root systems of a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees, attacking your well-groomed and maintained laws from underneath the earth’s surface. These burrowing rodents can also chew through your home’s water lines, causing expensive structural damage and further hindering your lawn’s growth by ruining sprinkler systems.

Lawn Squirrels

Whereas gophers attack your lawn from beneath, squirrels cause damage above ground. Chewing on leaves and climbing about the trees and shrubs on your lawn and in your garden, lawn squirrels sacrifice the livelihood of your lawn in an attempt to improve their own. A pest control professional can work with you to remove existing squirrels from your property and make it less attractive to squirrels that pass through your neighborhood in the future.


Feeding on earthworms and grubs, moles can make quite a cozy home out of your lawn. Digging and burrowing on your property in a manner similar to that of gophers, moles can detract from the quality and consistency of your soil and make a mess out of your lawn. The best way to solve a mole problem on your property is to hire a professional to trap and remove them for you.

To speak with an Orange County pest control professional that can inspect and treat your lawn for gophers, lawn squirrels, and moles—as well as work with you to keep bugs and rodents from invading your home—contact Payne Pest Management. Call (877) 365-5629 to arrange an inspection today!


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