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Understanding Termite Swarming

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When you notice a large gathering of termites flying near your windows, light fixtures, or your house, then you have just seen a termite swarm. Swarms only come from established colonies, so you may have seen your first sign of a termite infestation on your property. Continue reading to learn more about termite swarming and why you may need a fumigation service soon.

Swarms are a sign of a bigger problem.
Termite swarming occurs after a termite colony has been established and has reached a certain size. The swarming termites, also known as alates, begin to move outside of the nest. These swarms are often spotted near windows and light fixtures. If you see a swarm of termites, or even a few near these areas, then you likely already have a termite problem in or near your home. Call for professional termite control to locate and eradicate the colony and assess the damages.

Swarms can differ in size.
Even though termite swarming is a clear sign that your home has already been infested, what type of termites you have can be determined by the size of the swarm. Subterranean termites have the largest swarms, which can reach into the thousands. These swarms are often seen during the day in the spring. Drywood termites have smaller swarms at about 100 swarmers. These swarms may be harder to locate, but they can be found near windows in late summer and fall.

Swarms depend on weather conditions.
The primary reason for termite swarming is to locate a mate and establish new colonies. In an effort to have the best chance of procreation, colonies only send out swarms during the right weather conditions. Colonies look for calm winds and high humidity, which protect the swarm and help them establish new nests.

Don’t let a termite swarm be your first sign of an infestation. Call Payne Pest Management for year-round termite control near Orange County and San Diego at (877) 365-5629. We can help you set up a termite pest control maintenance plan or fumigation date.

Household Products that Could Attract Ants

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Sugar, salt, and water are some of the most common attractants for ants and other pests. If you have an ant infestation from any of the following household products, then call for professional pest control soon.


Sugar is one of the most common attractants for ants and other pests. Whether the sugar is found in a box, bag, or part of a sweet treat, it will almost certainly attract pests, if it is not stored correctly. Ants are attracted to sugar because it contains carbohydrates, which are necessary to ants’ livelihood. If you regularly keep sugary sweets or a sugar bowl out on the counter, and they are not properly sealed, then you could risk an ant infestation showing up in your kitchen.

Salt is another essential element to humans’ and animals’ bodily functions. Ants with low access to salt in their daily lives may be attracted to the salt in your house. It is essential to keep your salt in a sealed container, and consider using a sealable salt shaker.

Every animal, including ants, needs regular access to water because it is a building block of life and daily functions. If you have a leaky faucet, standing water, or another source of regular water in your house, then you may attract ants. The need for water is one of the main reasons you are likelier to see ants in your kitchen or bathroom than anywhere else in the house.

Using toothpaste as an attractant may seem silly, but there are certain properties of toothpaste that could be attracting ants to your house. Toothpastes monitored by the American Dental Association should not have sugars in them, but they do contain sweetener additives and flavoring. These could potentially attract ants into a bathroom, if your toothpaste is not sealed correctly.

If you have ants in your house, then call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629 to schedule home pest control in Orange County and San Diego. Our pest control company has 10 years of experience performing various pest control services like ant control and fumigation services.

The Enemies of Termites

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Termites are a damaging pest because they can degrade the wood found in houses, commercial buildings, and furniture. Without effective termite control, these elusive pests can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Thankfully, there are some natural enemies that can help control termite populations alongside experienced pest control companies. Here is a quick look at the enemies of termites:

Ants are the main enemy of termites, and they play a pivotal role in natural termite control. However, ant colonies must be comparable in size to termite colonies to cause real damage. Spiders are another natural predator over termites, especially when swarmers are caught in their webs. By eating these mating termites, spiders can help prevent new colonies from forming. Another termite enemy is a nematode. Nematodes are microscopic worm parasites. They infect termites and eat them from the inside out. Beneficial nematodes can be purchased and added to a garden for natural pest control.

Even though termites have natural enemies, you must always trust the professionals to conduct proper fumigation services near Orange County and San Diego. Call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629 to schedule a consultation and fumigation date.

What to Do About Bites in the Night

Pest Control Orange County When you wake up to numerous bites on your legs or body, it is the first sign that you may have a problem with pests in your house. You may need bed bug treatment or other forms of pest control, but it is important to follow these next steps when you’ve been bitten during the night:

Diagnose the Bite
If you have felt yourself being bitten when you get into bed, or you wake up with mysterious bites, then it is crucial to identify the bites and the pest causing them. While many bites may itch and annoy you, they can also be transmitting diseases or harming you with venom. In order to diagnose the bite, it is best to find the pest that is biting you. There are several types of bugs that will hide in your sheets and bed, such as bed bugs, spiders, and fleas.

Hire Pest Control
Even if you have not diagnosed the bite or pest, you should still call a pest control company. If you let a possible infestation worsen, then you risk further damage to yourself, your home, and your possessions. A pest control company can come into your home to look for other signs of the pest, and the professionals may even be able to diagnose the bites you have received. If the pest is identified, then the pest control company can suggest different types of pest control services, such as spider or bed bug treatment.

Prevent Future Bites
Once the pest has been identified, it is crucial to prevent future bites and infestations. While many preventative measures include cleaning your house often, decluttering storage areas, and putting away leftover food, bed bug preventatives can differ. To prevent future bed bug infestations, always inspect hotel rooms you visit and clean your clothes as soon as you return from vacations.

Spiders, fleas, and bed bugs in Orange County and San Diego are not pests to ignore, especially if they are biting you. Protect yourself and your family by calling Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629.

How to Tell If You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can leave behind extensive damages and heartache. Without professional bed bug treatment, you risk allowing a bed bug infestation to take over your house. Watch this video to learn how to tell if you have bed bugs.

The first sign you might have bed bugs is when you notice small, red bites on your legs and body. If you check the crevices in your bed, bedframe, and surrounding furniture, you might find other signs of bed bugs. Black, red, or rust-colored spots on your bedsheets is a common sign. You may also find the bugs themselves in egg form or as adults, which can look dark brown or black.

Learn how to check for bed bugs and receive bed bug treatment with Payne Pest Management. We can help keep your house and family protected from bed bugs in Orange County and San Diego once you call us at (877) 365-5629.

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