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What to Look For When Hiring a Pest Control Company

Hiring a pest control company is something that every responsible homeowner should do. Even if your property is not prone to pest infestation, you should commission a pest control professional to annually inspect the foundation of your home for termite damage. To ensure that you are will be satisfied with the pest control company you choose, look for the following qualities when searching for an exterminator:

Established Reputation

Ask your friends and coworkers if they are happy with their pest control companies, and back up your word-of-mouth discoveries with your own research. Find a company whose employees have years of experience working in the pest control industry so that you know you will receive effective pest management from your exterminator.

Full Range of Pest Control Services

Even if your current pest control problems are confined to one type of pest, you should hire a company with a broad range of services. This way, you do not have to search for a new company if another type of pest decides to take up residence in your home or garden.


Straightforward Service Agreement

Before you hire an exterminator, come to a clear agreement with the company about what services they will provide and for how long. Be sure to get this in writing.

Coverage Guarantee

If you pay someone to regularly inspect and treat your home for termites, and termites damage your home’s foundation during that treatment period, you should not be held financially responsible for that damage. Choose a company that cannot change the terms of your guarantee unless you fail to make your premium payments.

Competent Billing Team

To avoid unnecessary hassle on your behalf, choose an exterminating team with an office that issues invoices immediately and makes payment simple.

Are you a Los Angeles property owner who is looking to hire a pest control company that boasts each of the qualities described above? If so, look no further than Payne Pest Management. To find out more about our full range of pest control services, call (818) 5744-7889 today.

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