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Understanding the Physical Symptoms of a Bed Bug Infestation

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Physical evidence tends to hold up, so you should know what the physical symptoms of a bed bug infestation look like. You might find bed bugs or the exoskeletons that they molt, the droppings they leave behind, or itchy bites on your skin. Continue reading for an understanding of the physical symptoms.

The Bugs and Their Exoskeletons
The most obvious physical symptom of a bed bug infestation is the actual presence of the bugs themselves. You might find them hiding in your pillowcases, the seams of your mattress, or just about anywhere near the area where you sleep. If you don’t see an actual live—or dead—bed bug, you might find an exoskeleton. Bed bugs leave them behind when they molt, but this evidence is proof that you have some kind of infestation brewing. Take this opportunity to call your pest control professional.

Bed Bug Droppings
Every pest leaves droppings behind, but it’s tough to identify the infestation if you don’t know what kind of droppings a specific type of pest leaves. Bed bugs feed solely on blood, and this is evident in their droppings. If you find what appear to be blood stains in your sheets, on your blanket, or on your pillow, you might be looking at bed bug droppings. The blood that bed bugs feed on turns into rusty colored blood spots on your bedding and in the surrounding areas.

Bites on Your Skin
Bed bugs don’t spread disease, but their bites can still be problematic. Bites tend to be itchy, and scratching can lead to secondary infections. These bites are also evidence that you do indeed have a bed bug infestation. If you notice bites on your skin, droppings, or bed bugs themselves, don’t wait to talk to your pest control professional.

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