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Behind Common Myths about Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are simple creatures, but there are many myths about them that make these pests seem more complex. People tend to think that these pests spread disease and infest homes forever, and some even believe that it’s impossible to see them. Keep reading for the pest control truth behind common myths about bed bugs.

Myth: Bed bugs spread disease.
It’s normal to worry about having a bed bug problem, but some people worry for the wrong reasons. Although it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable to have bed bugs invading your space, they are not all that harmful. They do bite, and the bites can be itchy—however, they are not known to spread disease. It’s important to realize that scratching these bites can lead to secondary infections, but the infection doesn’t come from the bed bugs themselves.

Myth: Bed bugs are impossible to get rid of.
You might have heard that getting rid of bed bugs is not easy, and that is true in certain situations. This is why you should call your professional pest control service as soon as you suspect that there’s an infestation. The sooner you deal with bed bugs, the less time they will have to reproduce and create a larger problem. Be sure to choose a pest control company that uses the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly methods and materials.

Myth: You can’t see bed bugs.
Bed bugs might be small, but they’re not invisible, and you should be able to see them with the naked eye. You should even be able to see nymphs and eggs if you look closely enough. Knowing where to find them is half of the battle, so make sure you look through your bedding, mattress, and nightstand for any traces of these pests.

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