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How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from Your Shopping Trip

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You can find bed bugs just about anywhere, but you never want to bring them home with you. If you love to shop but want to make sure you don’t bring a pest control issue back home, it pays to be extra careful. Here’s how to avoid bringing bed bugs home:

Be Careful What You Try On
Bed bugs are small and sneaky, making them difficult to spot. The bad news is that they could be just about anywhere, and they’ll follow you home whether you notice them or not. When you go into a dressing room on your shopping trip, inspect each piece of clothing before you try it on. Even if you don’t see a bed bug’s body, you might notice a stain from droppings—if you do, put the garment back and choose another one.

Hang Your Clothes
Inspecting your clothing is just part of the process. If you want to be sure that you don’t bring bed bugs home, you should also hang your clothes in the dressing room, rather than laying them down on the bench in the dressing room. Even if the shirt, pants, or blouse that you chose doesn’t show any signs of bed bugs, there could be some lurking in the dressing room. Hanging your clothes up reduces the chances that these pests will hop onto them.

Wash Before Wearing
Even if a bed bug or 2 does hop onto something you buy at the store, you still have a chance to avoid the accompanying infestation. As soon as you get back to your house, you should wash your new clothes in hot water. Heat kills bed bugs, and a hot wash can protect you from an infestation when you get home from the store.

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