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How Does a Bee Become Queen?

Bees are among many pests that have a social structure, and different kinds of bees play their own roles. If you have a hive in your backyard, call pest control services and keep your family safe. Watch this video on how a bee becomes queen.

Rather than graduating to queen status, bees are born into the position. Worker bees produce a substance known as royal jelly, which is full of vitamins, protein, sugars, and acetylcholine. They feed new larvae royal jelly, but they wean most of them onto a less healthy diet. The remainders will develop into queens, and the first ones that develop will destroy the others or fight to the death.

Bees may become a real problem, but Payne Pest Management can offer efficient pest control services in San Diego. Look at our website or call (877) 365-5629 and learn about our commercial and home pest control.


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