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Recognizing the Warning Signs of a Rodent Problem

An ongoing rodent problem can cause damage to your house and health issues for your family, so it’s best to crack down on rodent control right away. Strange noises, markings, and droppings are all signs that you have a mouse or rat problem. Read ahead for a quick look at some rodent problem warning signs.


You might spring up out of your bed if you hear strange noises in the middle of the night, prepared to defend yourself against a home invader. If the noises sound like scurrying and come from inside your walls or your attic, the home invader may be a mouse or a rat. Rodents are most active at night, so this is when they forage and build their nests. The attic is one of the most popular places for a rodent infestation, and noises from upstairs mean you might already have one.


Sometimes you’ll come across a mouse or a rat, but that’s not the only visual evidence that you have a rodent control problem. Rodents may leave track marks and gnaw marks. When a rat travels to and from its nest, oil from its fur may stick to the walls and floors along the way. This looks like grease or dirt and can help you locate the nest. Rodents also leave gnaw marks behind, as they can chew through almost anything. This causes property damage, and if rats chew through your electrical wires, it can even lead to a house fire. Keep an eye out for these marks.


Rats and mice create waste like any other creature does, and their droppings are a clear sign of a rodent problem. Droppings also contain bacteria and threaten your health with Hantavirus, salmonella, and allergies. If you find droppings near a source of food, it’s time to call your rodent control professional.

Rodent pest control serving San Diego is one of our specialties at Payne Pest Management. Please check out our website or call us at (877) 365-5629 if you’re in need of rodent control services for your home or office.


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