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Did You Know That Some Ants Are Farmers?

Most people don’t concern themselves with the unique ways insects interact and survive, and instead see them as a pest control problem waiting to happen. Watch this video and learn a little bit about farmer ants.

Ants have been known to farm fungi and aphids, and in both cases, each party benefits. Ants feed and protect their fungi and aphids in exchange for nutrients that they couldn’t otherwise access. This keeps the ants fed and healthy, and it protects fungi and aphids from predators and the elements. Ants may even remove aphid wings to prevent them from leaving a colony.

Some ants are more of a problem than others, so contact Payne Pest Management to see what you’re dealing with. You can check out our website or call us at (877) 365-5629 to see how we handle fumigations, termite pest control, and rodent control near Orange County.

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