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Identifying Carpenter Ants

Although you don’t want either in your house or your office, you should still know the difference between termites and carpenter ants. People frequently confuse termites and carpenter ants, but knowing what makes them different will help you understand what kind of pest control problem you’re dealing with. Continue reading for some tips on identifying carpenter ants.


The tricky part about identifying carpenter ants is that there are so many different species of them around the world. This is also part of the reason it’s so easy to confuse them with termites. In general, carpenter ants are typically a shade of black or brown, but they can also be black and orange. They’re also quite small—they may grow to be half an inch in length, but many are much smaller. They have bent antennae, a bulged thorax, and a slim waist, and these characteristics make it easier to distinguish them from termites.


You don’t have to find an actual carpenter ant to know you have an infestation on your hands, as long as you know what kinds of signs they leave behind. However, this can also be tricky because carpenter ants and termites leave similar trails. Carpenter ants like to burrow into wood, so take notice if you see any piles of shavings around. If you think you might have an infestation, tap on the wall and listen for rustling, or look around early in the morning or late at night to see if you can spot the ants themselves.


If you do come across live ants, you can follow them back to their nest if you catch them at the right time. Look for wood shavings near windows and doors that lead to the outside of your space.

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