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Rodent Reproduction Rates

If you have a rodent control problem, it’s best to do something about it right away. Rodents can reproduce quickly, and this threatens your family and the sanitation of your home. Read on to find out what you should know about rodent reproduction rates.

Taking too long to deal with a rodent problem only stands to make the problem worse. Pests of all kinds tend to reproduce quickly, so the infestation can get out of hand in no time. While it takes a human nine months to give birth, it only takes a female rat about three weeks. Additionally, six to 10 rats will be born at a time. Mice take a little longer, reproducing every three to four weeks and birthing up to six baby mice. While rats’ life expectancy is about a year, mice can live for two or three, and they’ll continue to grow their population.

A small problem with rodent control near San Diego can turn into a big one if you don’t get it under control. Payne Pest Management specializes in termite and bed bug control. Give us a call at (877) 365-5629 or look through our website for more information.


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