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What Are Midges?

Midges are not dangerous, but they are extremely bothersome. In Los Angeles and the surrounding Orange County area, midges are most problematic from April to September and tend to be most plentiful at sunset. If you’re noticing large amounts of midges near your home, talk to your pest control company about your options for fumigation.

Midges look like mosquitoes but are non-biting. They may be brown or light green and favor areas around flood control channels, ponds, and reservoirs. They usually travel in huge numbers and can dramatically reduce the enjoyment of outdoor living spaces and activities. They can also become stuck on newly painted surfaces, fences, curtains, and car windshields. To reduce the amount of midges around your home, use yellow bulbs in your outdoor lights and keep all of your lights off for as long as possible in the evenings.

Let Payne Pest Management help you tackle your problems with midges and other pests in Orange County with our fumigation services. Talk to one of our pros today by calling (877) 365-5629.


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