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What Are Pocket Gophers?

Pocket gophers do not transmit infectious diseases or pose a danger to humans, but they can be tremendously destructive to landscaping and gardens. They are also very difficult to control without professional pest control services. If you suspect you have pocket gophers in your yard, consult with your pest control company to develop a plan for exclusion and fumigation. Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have about pocket gophers.

What exactly are pocket gophers?

Although some people use the word gopher to refer to a number of different burrowing species, pocket gophers are a particular type of rodent. They have fur-lined pocket cheeks that can be used to store and carry food and that can be turned inside-out to empty. They have small ears and eyes, brown or yellowish fur, front paws with large claws, and four large, sharp front teeth. Their lips can close behind these front teeth to prevent soil from entering their mouths while they are digging and burrowing.

What kind of damage can pocket gophers do?

Pocket gophers can cause significant amounts of damage very quickly. They can burrow into a lawn or garden and chew on everything in their path, including bulbs, roots, crops, plants, and sprinkler systems. The paths that they create through a lawn can divert irrigation and lead to diseased patches. They also create unsightly mounds on the surface of the lawns and can pull entire plants from the surface into the tunnels that they have created. The tunnels they dig can be as much as six feet deep.

How can I control pocket gophers?

Your pest control company can probe your lawn for gopher tunnels and use a variety of trapping and fumigation techniques to rid the area of the rodents. Keep in mind that pocket gophers can attract other undesirable predators to your yard, including snakes and coyotes, so call your pest control company as soon as you suspect you have a problem with gophers.

Protect your landscaping from gopher damage with the help of Payne Pest Management. To find out more about our rodent control services in Orange County or to set up an appointment, call (877) 365-5629.


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