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Can Termites Damage Laminate Flooring?

Termites are actually beneficial for the ecosystem, since they add nutrients to the soil by breaking down materials. Unfortunately, they also cause thousands of dollars in damage for homeowners. Always schedule a termite inspection before purchasing a new home, and call in a termite control expert right away if you notice any signs of termite activity in your current home.

It isn’t safe to assume that laminate flooring is always safe from termites. These bugs prefer to feast on the softer wood of the subfloor. When this happens, the laminate flooring on top can start to sag and blister. It will look similar to water damage. Less commonly, some homeowners have reported cases of termites chewing holes through the laminate itself. It isn’t possible to repair this damage—homeowners must replace the flooring after a termite control professional treats the house.

Expert termite control in San Diego is available from Payne Pest Management. Call our friendly office staff at (877) 365-5629 right away, and we’ll save your home from further damage.


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