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The Fascinating Habits of Honey Bees

Although the natural response to seeing a bee is to swat it away, if you pay attention, you may be surprised at how regimented and deliberate the behavior of honey bees actually is. Having bees on your property isn’t safe for your family or pets, so you should call a pest control service if you see them near your home. However, bees also play an important role in the ecosystem, and as such, their behavior has been the subject of a great deal of research. Here is a look some of the most remarkable habits of honey bees.

Waggle Dance

The waggle dance is one of the most fascinating things that honey bees do. This dance is used by worker bees to tell other bees in their colony where a flower that has a large amount of nectar is located. Through this precise dance, bees can give exact directions to a flower located up to six kilometers away. Each move in the dance communicates a different piece of information about the flower’s location, such as the distance and the position of the flower in relation to the sun.

Defense of the Colony

Honey bees are dedicated to protecting their queen and colony at all costs. In fact, worker bees work until they die just to ensure that the colony has enough to eat. When honey bees sting, they are usually doing so to protect their colony. After a sting, honey bees release a pheromone that tells other bees that there is a threat nearby that could require them to act. This is dangerous for people, as it can cause multiple bees to arrive and sting at once.

Swarming to a New Home

After a queen and some workers find a new place to call home, the bees in the colony all travel in a mass group called a swarm to their new location. These swarms look scary, but the bees are less likely to be aggressive defenders while swarming than they are when the colony is established with babies inside.

Bees are fascinating, but when they’re living in your home or yard, they can also be dangerous. Let Payne Pest Management help you safely get stinging insects off your property. Make an appointment for pest control in Orange County by calling (877) 365-5629.

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