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All About Grease Ants

Grease ants—also called thief ants—are extremely common home invaders, especially in the kitchen. They’re extremely small, so they easily slip into small cracks into your home. Because they often come in large numbers, it’s necessary to have a pest control company exterminate them if you have an infestation. Here is what you need to know about these common household pests.

What do grease ants look like?

Grease ants are usually between one-sixteenth of an inch or smaller. Typically, their eyes are much smaller than their heads, and they are yellow, light brown, or bronze in color. They have smooth bodies that appear shiny. They have antennae with three clubs on each. Many people confuse grease ants with pharaoh ants, but pharaoh ants are larger and only have two clubs on their antennae.

What do grease ants eat?

Grease ants get their name from their preferred diet of greasy foods. They like cheese, meat, peanut butter, and sweets, but they will ultimately eat any food that they can get. If you have grease ants in your home, they may get into your food packages and storage containers. Typically, grease ants come indoors looking for foods in the summer months. Once they discover a supply of food in your home, the entire colony will stay until they are exterminated.

How do I get rid of grease ants?

When you notice signs of grease ants, such as ants along your baseboards, on your counters, or in your food, call a pest control company. The nests of grease ants can be particularly hard to find, so allowing an expert to do the job is the best way of ensuring that the ants are completely removed from your home.

Whether you’re dealing with grease ants in the kitchen or beehives in your yard, Payne Pest Management can help you reclaim your home from all of your unwanted guests. Get help tackling your pest problems today by calling (877) 365-5629 to set up an appointment for pest control in Orange County.

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