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FAQs and Answers About Boxelder Bugs

As the name suggests, boxelder bugs are typically found around boxelder trees. These nuisance pests can also enter your home, particularly during fall, as they look for a place to spend the winter. Many homeowners don’t realize that they have an infestation of boxelders until the bugs emerge from their winter hiding places in the spring. Regular pest control services can help keep boxelders at bay. Here are the answers to some of the questions homeowners frequently have about boxelders.

How can I spot a boxelder bug?

Boxelders have a distinct appearance that is easy to identify. They have black bodies with large, red or orange spots on their backs. They are typically about half an inch in length and have two antennae. They usually travel in large groups, so when you see one boxelder, you’re likely to see many more. In addition to congregating on boxelder trees, you can usually see them on rocks and other surfaces that get a good amount of sunlight. During winter, they go into cracks in walls and other crevices to protect themselves from the cold temperatures.

Are they dangerous?

Boxelders don’t typically bite, but they can use their pinchers to break the skin when they are handled. When this happens, you may develop a bump similar to a mosquito bite. In most cases, boxelders are simply a nuisance. They can cause a strong odor in your home and leave stains on fabrics.

What should I do if I have boxelders in my home?

Although vacuuming up groups of boxelders can provide temporary relief, the only way to get them out of your home for good is to have a pest control company exterminate them. If you have regular maintenance pest control services, you may be able to prevent boxelders—and other pests—from entering your home in the first place.

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