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Signs of Silverfish and Firebrat Damage

If your books and paper products are looking like they’ve been tampered with, you might have a pest control issue on your hands. Silverfish and firebrats feed on cellulose, so they’re attracted to everything from books to clothing. Keep reading to learn about the warning signs of silverfish and firebrat damage.

Although silverfish and firebrats feed on the cellulose in books, clothing, and dry foods, their jaws aren’t strong enough to actually puncture much of anything. They can’t even bite through paper efficiently, so instead they scrape the page. If your books have strange discolorations for no apparent reason, these bugs may be the cause of the problem. There may be physical holes in the page as a result of the wear, and the damage will be spread out in irregular blobs across the paper. These pests are nocturnal, so you won’t see them during the day.

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