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Smart Strategies for a Bug-Free Pantry

You don’t want bugs in your home at all if you can help it, so you definitely don’t want them to be around your food. Using airtight containers can help, but you also need to call pest control services quickly if you do notice a problem. Even your pet food may attract bugs, so read ahead and pick up some smart strategies for a bug-free pantry.

Seal Your Containers

You probably realize that bugs are attracted to food, but you might not know that they can even sense the food inside your cabinets. To thwart the bugs and enjoy your health and comfort, keep your food in sealed airtight containers. There’s no way for bugs to get into these locked cases, so they won’t be able to contaminate your food.

Call Pest Control

If you do suspect that you have a pest control issue to deal with, call the professionals to get a second opinion. The professionals will determine whether or not there is in fact a bug problem. If there is, they will be able to eradicate it so you don’t have to worry about bugs getting into your food products. Look into different pest control companies in your area and choose one that looks reputable rather than going for the lowest price. This will ensure that you fully deal with the problem instead of having to call another service when the infestation resurfaces in a month.

Secure Pet Food

Bugs are not picky, so they’ll go after your pet food if they can’t get into your human food. If you keep pet food in the pantry, follow the same rules you would follow for your own food to avoid contaminating your pet’s meal. Make sure it’s difficult to access, and find a sealable container that you can store the pet food inside.

Let Payne Pest Management help you enjoy a bug-free pantry and a clean, healthy household. Our company offers various pest control services in San Diego that will keep you, your family, or your employees safe from contamination. Call our commercial and home pest control company at (877) 365-5629 today.


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