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Can Cockroaches Fly?

Even as far as pests go, cockroaches tend to be particularly disliked. Their large size and ability to zip around in the dark means they are seldom welcome houseguests, which is why they trigger so many calls for both residential and commercial pest control. As if living with cockroaches wasn’t bad enough, some people claim to have seen the roaches in their homes fly. Is it possible that cockroaches are even worse than you thought and that they can actually take flight? Here is what you need to know.

The Truth about Flying Cockroaches

Many cockroaches cannot fly, but some of them can. The type of cockroach common in U.S. homes that can fly is the Asian cockroach. Asian cockroaches look very similar to the German cockroaches that are most common in the U.S., but they have large wingspans. This allows them to fly. Asian cockroaches can be especially difficult to control because of their ability to fly, but they are sometimes easier to find, since they often emerge during dusk hours, unlike other cockroaches that prefer the dark.

Asian Cockroach Basics

Asian cockroaches prefer to be outside, particularly in shaded areas of the yard, under piles of leaves, and under mulch. They are also drawn to litter boxes. In outdoor areas, populations as high as 250,000 per acre have been discovered. Although Asian cockroaches like to be outside, they will enter homes when given the chance. They often fly through open doors or sneak into crevices that are also entryways for other species of cockroaches.

Asian Cockroach Control

Your pest control specialists can help you with a two-pronged approach to controlling Asian cockroaches, combining treatments to get rid of the roaches you currently have with advice to preventative measures you can take to reduce the risk of problems in the future. Sealing crevices, fixing leaks, and keeping your garbage area clean can help.

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