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Common Pests That Plague Urban Homeowners

Living in a city doesn’t make you immune from pest problems. In fact, with so many people living in close quarters, pests can be even more of an issue in urban environments than in rural areas. If you live in a city, regularly scheduled pest control services will help you protect your property. Here are some of the pests you’re most likely to encounter.

Roaches are almost synonymous with urban living. Homes, restaurants, and businesses in close proximity to each other make urban landscapes paradise for roaches. Roaches are also notoriously difficult to control. If you see one in your home and manage to kill it, chances are there are hundreds or even thousands more that you haven’t seen. The best way to get on top of a roach problem is to have regular pest control services. If you’re dealing with a stubborn infestation, ask your pest control specialist what you can do to make your home less attractive to these pests.

Rodents are common in urban areas for many of the same reasons roaches love to call cities home. There are abundant food sources and plenty of places to hide. Being mindful about restricting food sources will help reduce problems with rodents. For instance, don’t leave pet food outside and remember to take out the trash regularly. When rodents invade, call a pest control expert to get rid of them for good.

Bed Bugs
It’s easy to carry home bed bugs from public transportation and other places in the city. All it takes is one person with bed bugs hoping a ride on his or her bag or clothes to allow them to spread. The only effective way to fight back is a bed bug treatment performed by a professional.

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