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Pest101: How to Select a Pest Professional

Choosing a professional pest control company is important for the protection of your home and family from unwanted pests. This video provides a few tips to help you pick the best pest control company for your needs.

In this video, you can see why choosing a licensed pest professional that is a member of a national organization offers the greatest benefit to your home. These professionals are regulated and educated, so you know your pest problems will be handled well. References and referrals can identify quality companies. It’s also best to choose value over price, as expertise outmatches low prices any day.

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Fumigations: A Basic Guide

Fumigation is a pest control tool used to combat and eliminate pests by releasing a lethal gas in the area of the infestation. Generally, exterminators use fumigation to address larger infestations of pests such as termites or bed bugs.

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation is a large measure that is undertaken when a home has an extensive infestation that cannot be eliminated by other means. Hidden or inaccessible infestations of termites and bed bugs are often treated with fumigation, because the fumigants can penetrate affected areas that other methods of pest control cannot reach. For subterranean termites, fumigation is often used in addition to other measures to ensure total extermination. Your pest control company can answer any questions and address concerns you may have regarding fumigation.

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How Should You Prepare for Fumigation?

Though structural fumigants are odorless, additives or companion gases are used in conjunction with the pest control gases during the operation to keep people safe. During fumigation, all persons, pets, plants, and unsealed food should be removed from the area being treated. When an exterminator prepares to fumigate a home, he or she will seal the area to be treated thoroughly so the fumigants do not spread to other structures or areas. This also helps concentrate the fumigants in the problem region for maximum effectiveness.

After Fumigation

When fumigation has been completed by the pest control agent, the home must be checked to ensure it is safe for re-entry. Fumigation is highly regulated in California, and only licensed pest control companies with extensive training are allowed to use fumigants.

Payne Pest Management offers full-service pest control, including fumigation for persistent infestations. Contact us at (818) 574-7889 or visit our website to schedule a consultation. We can help your home become pest-free with our range of treatments.

Here's Some Extra Links to Answer Your Pest Control Questions

Do you want to learn more about the presence of termites in the Los Angeles area or finding the perfect pest control company? If so, the following resources may be of interest to you. To arrange to have your Southern California home inspected or treated for pests, call Payne Pest Management at (818) 574-7889 today.


  • Read about different types of termites and termite fumigation methods on this County of Los Angeles webpage.
  • Visit the Pest Control Operators of California website for tips on selecting a pest control company.
  • Learn about what Payne Pest Management does and what they have to offer at our website.
  • For termite management tips and a description of the termite life cycle, check out this University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources publication.
  • At, you can find some great advice for finding a good pest control professional.

Learn More About Payne Pest Management

Every homeowner wants to keep his or her home pest-free. In order to make this desire a reality, a homeowner simply has to hire a skilled and experienced pest control professional. To learn more about what a reputable pest control company can do for your home, check out this brief video interview.

In the video, Willie Payne, the founder and president of Payne Pest Management, discusses his pest control background and his business operations. After hearing more about his company, you won’t want to hire anyone else to handle your pest control needs.

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Types of Termites and How They Each Impact Your Home

Termites wreak havoc on the integrity of architectural structures all over the world, but different species of termites attack homes and businesses in different ways. To learn about three groups of termites that pose a threat to your home and why you may need to hire a termite control service, keep reading:

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites live in dry wood. Instead of absorbing their moisture from contact with moist ground soil, drywood termites get their moisture from the air. For this reason, they thrive in the humidity and are most commonly found chomping on the wooden foundation of coastal homes and businesses. Their presence can be detected by the clean and smooth bits of wood they leave behind.

Termites at work

Subterranean Termites

In recent years, western subterranean termites have caused an abundance of property damage in Southern California. Their presence is characterized by honeycombing. Subterranean termites nest in soil, living off of the moisture it provides. Because of this, they can feed on your home or office building for months or even years before being detected. It is smart to hire a pest control professional to inspect your property regularly, as he or she can check for the most subtle signs of subterranean termite presence.

Dampwood Termites

A preference for cool, humid areas makes dampwood termites partial to the Pacific Northwest. Dampwood termites do not typically infest homes, but if you have a mountain home that receives considerably heavy rainfall, your home could be at risk for infestation.

To prevent termites from invading your Los Angeles home, hire a dependable and experienced exterminator to inspect and treat your home for termites on a regular basis. Call Payne Pest Management at (818) 574-7889 to find out more about our termite control and other highly effective pest management services.

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