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What Is Rat-Bite Fever?

Nuisance rodents can spread serious diseases to humans, including rat-bite fever. This infection is caused by the Streptobacillus moniliformis bacteria. People may contract the disease directly from rodents, or the bacteria may be transmitted through contaminated food and water. It isn’t necessary to be bitten or scratched by the rat to become ill. Simply handling an infected rodent is enough to spread the bacteria, which is why it’s essential to call rodent control experts to take care of your rat problem.

Within three days to three weeks of the initial exposure, the victim may develop fever, muscle and joint pain, vomiting, rash, and headache. The rash looks like small bumps clustered in reddened areas of the skin. Without antibiotics, patients may suffer life-threatening complications, including meningitis, pneumonia, heart infections, and internal organ abscesses.

Protect your family from disease-carrying pests with professional rodent control services available in Orange County. Call (877) 365-5629, and let the experts at Payne Pest Management get to work.

7 Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs were once nearly wiped out in the 1950s, but are now considered the most rapidly growing pest control problem for developed nations. They aren’t just a problem for modern humans, either. They’ve been feasting on human blood for at least 3,500 years, and in fact, the ancient Romans drank brewed bed bugs in hopes of treating snake bites.

For a handful of other interesting facts about bed bugs, watch the accompanying video. This science expert discusses the bed bug version of hibernation, the places where bed bugs like to hide, and why they’re so difficult to get rid of.

For effective bed bug treatment in Orange County, you can count on the team at Payne Pest Management. Get in touch at (877) 365-5629, and we’ll schedule your bed bug extermination right away.

How to Make Your Home Less Inviting for American Cockroaches

Cockroaches are true survivors. Although they can’t actually live through a nuclear explosion, they are capable of living for a week without a head. Once a home has a cockroach problem, professional pest control services will be needed to exterminate the entire population. Since the American cockroach does thrive in California’s climate, every resident should know how to make the house less inviting for them.

Scrub your home from top to bottom.

Cockroaches will happily live on the food spills behind the stove and the crumbs in the bottom of the toaster. To keep roaches out of your home, it’s necessary to do a deep clean. Move all appliances away from the walls and cabinetry, and scrub the floors and backsplashes. Clean the appliances before moving them back into place.

Ban eating in other rooms of the home.

Taking a snack to the living room isn’t a good idea when your home is vulnerable to cockroach invasions. Keep the crumbs to a minimum by eating all meals and snacks in just one room of your home. Vacuum or sweep that room every day.

Keep food in sealed containers.

Cardboard food packaging isn’t enough to deter a hungry cockroach. Keep pantry items like cereal secured within plastic or glass food containers. Periodically, empty your pantry and cupboards, and scrub them down to eliminate crumbs.

Avoid leaving pet food out in the open.

Uncovered pet food is like a dinner invitation to roaches. If your pet leaves food in his or her bowl, toss it in the trash and wipe out the bowl. Pet food left outdoors can also attract roaches.

Take out the trash every night.

Like many other pests, cockroaches love garbage. Take out your kitchen trash every night after cleaning up from dinner. Keep a securely fitted lid on exterior trash cans, and move them away from the building. Rinse them out with a hose after trash collection day.

Payne Pest Management is a family-owned company with more than 35 years of experience in the commercial and residential pest control industry. Our expert fumigation services in Orange County will rapidly get rid of cockroaches and other unwelcome guests. Call (877) 365-5629 today to become our next satisfied customer.

A Quick Guide to Our Residential Pest Control Services

There are plenty of pest control companies in California, but most of them limit their services. If you’re looking for a full-service company that also offers ongoing pest management options, look no further than Payne Pest Management. Our expert technicians can eliminate all types of nuisance animals, birds, and insects from your property.

General Pest Control

With over three decades of industry experience, our pest control specialists can easily handle infestations of ants, cockroaches, and silverfish. Fleas, spiders, earwigs, and crickets are no match for our effective pest management materials. Even if your particular pest isn’t listed here, we’ll be happy to take care of the problem for you. Our technicians customize your protection plan according to your needs. It may include treatment of the exterior perimeter, barrier exclusion, treatment of outlying areas, and of course, treatment of all areas inside the home.

Ongoing Pest Management

Even after we’ve performed the initial treatment on your home, we can keep coming back for regular inspections to make sure your unwelcome visitors stay away. Choose the Pest Control Plan that’s right for you. You can have an inspection scheduled every month, or at two-or three-month intervals.

Rodent Control

If you’ve seen one rodent, you might actually have dozens of them making nests in your home. Rats and mice are sneaky critters, but we know the most effective ways of dealing with them. Once we’ve eliminated rodents from your home, we can perform barrier exclusion services to keep these disease-spreading pests away.

Termite Fumigation

Many other pest control companies don’t provide termite fumigation services, but we’re happy to help our customers save their homes from further wood damage. Our Termite Technicians can perform localized, full, or tent fumigation, depending on your specific needs. We’ll also come back for annual inspections, just in case the termites come back, too.

Send your household pests packing with our thorough control services and exceptional expertise. Payne Pest Management even provides wood repair services for houses affected by termite infestations. Call (877) 365-5629 to request our fumigation services for your home near San Diego.

A Look at Our 3-Step Termite Treatment Process

Termite control is complicated and requires advanced equipment and specially trained technicians. That’s why the Termite Technicians at Payne Pest Management follow our comprehensive three-step termite control process in San Diego. The first step is a thorough evaluation. One of our licensed technicians will visit your home to do a professional termite inspection. We understand that our clients are busy, which is why we work around your schedule. The average inspection only requires about an hour.

The second step is to develop and execute a customized protection plan. We’ll explain the details of the inspection results, and discuss exactly where the termite pest control treatment will be applied. The final step is our reliable, ongoing protection, which involves annual inspections. Should your home ever be infested by termites again, we’ll treat the problem at no additional charge.

Our world-class protection and customer-first philosophy are just two of the reasons why homeowners choose us. Call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629 to request a termite control appointment today.

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