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Behind Common Myths about Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are simple creatures, but there are many myths about them that make these pests seem more complex. People tend to think that these pests spread disease and infest homes forever, and some even believe that it’s impossible to see them. Keep reading for the pest control truth behind common myths about bed bugs.

Myth: Bed bugs spread disease.
It’s normal to worry about having a bed bug problem, but some people worry for the wrong reasons. Although it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable to have bed bugs invading your space, they are not all that harmful. They do bite, and the bites can be itchy—however, they are not known to spread disease. It’s important to realize that scratching these bites can lead to secondary infections, but the infection doesn’t come from the bed bugs themselves.

Myth: Bed bugs are impossible to get rid of.
You might have heard that getting rid of bed bugs is not easy, and that is true in certain situations. This is why you should call your professional pest control service as soon as you suspect that there’s an infestation. The sooner you deal with bed bugs, the less time they will have to reproduce and create a larger problem. Be sure to choose a pest control company that uses the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly methods and materials.

Myth: You can’t see bed bugs.
Bed bugs might be small, but they’re not invisible, and you should be able to see them with the naked eye. You should even be able to see nymphs and eggs if you look closely enough. Knowing where to find them is half of the battle, so make sure you look through your bedding, mattress, and nightstand for any traces of these pests.

Do you still have questions about bed bugs in Orange County? Payne Pest Management can answer them. Our team specializes in bed bug, rodent, and termite pest control. Please call us at (877) 365-5629 or visit our website to see how we can help you.

Get the Facts About Dealing with Wasp Nests

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Most people aren’t fans of pests in general, but certain kinds are more annoying than others. While termites, bed bugs, and ants are all problematic, wasps can be especially vicious. Read ahead to get the facts about how pest control professionals can help you deal with their nests.

Pest control professional can get rid of wasp nests.
It is not a good idea to try getting rid of a wasp nest on your own. Wasps are aggressive, territorial creatures, and they won’t hesitate to sting you if they feel like they’re being threatened. If you want to avoid the trouble altogether, call your pest control professionals. These specialists have already gone through the necessary training to deal with wasps the proper way, which keeps you and your family out of danger. They should also be able to completely remove the nest from your property.

Wasp nests can be bigger than a basketball.
Wasps are not large insects, but their nests can become surprisingly large. It’s the queen’s job to start the nest, which occurs during the spring. It starts off about the size of a golf ball, but it can quickly grow to be much bigger over time. The nest will grow throughout the summer, and more wasps will take up residence. By the time it’s done growing, the nest might be even bigger than a basketball.

Wasps make nests out of wood.
Although you might not expect it, most wasps use chewed wood to make their nests. Next time you come across a wasp nest that looks papery, you’ll know that chewed wood was behind the process. Certain types of wasps will also use clay and mud to create their nests, so if you see either of these kinds of nests, give your pest control professionals a call.

If you notice a wasp nest on your property, call Payne Pest Management in Orange County at (877) 365-5629. Our residential and commercial pest control company takes care of wasps, termites, rodents, and bed bugs. Head to our website to learn all about us.

A Surprising Look at the Lives of Ants

Just like humans, ants depend on organization and coordination in order to survive. Unlike humans, they rely on biological programming rather than higher cognition, and they cause pest control problems rather than solve them. Watch this video and learn about the lives of ants.

Despite not having sophisticated brains, ants are biologically capable of in-depth social organization. Female workers build up the colony, look for food, and protect the queen, while males exist to reproduce and keep the colony going. Males and queens use pheromones to attract each other and mate, and then the males die and the females create new colonies.

If you’re dealing with an ant infestation, call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. We handle both residential and commercial pest control in Orange County. You can learn about our pest control services by visiting our website or stopping by the office today.

FAQs About Pest Prevention

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When you hear the words “pest control,” you probably think about what it takes to get bugs out of your house. Pest prevention, on the other hand, can help you avoid a problem in the first place. Continue for the answers to some questions about pest prevention.

Can pests damage my property?
If you know you have a termite problem, you’ll probably call for pest control right away to avoid damage to your property. What some homeowners don’t realize is that termites aren’t the only types of pests that can do serious damage to your house. Rodents are known to chew through just about anything they can get their teeth on, and certain kinds of ants will chew through wooden structures, just like termites do. Even bees and beetles can do some damage to wood, so don’t wait to call your pest control specialist.

Why do they come inside?
Pests instinctively seek shelter when the weather makes it difficult or uncomfortable to live outside. It’s not just clutter and messes that attract insects and rodents, and even the cleanest houses may be susceptible to an infestation. It tends to be easier to find moisture inside rather than outside during the summer, so keep that in mind when trying to keep pests out of the house during the warm season.

How do I keep them out?
As much as termites, bed bugs, and rodents want to get inside, you can take steps to keep them out. Seal up any cracks and crevices you come across around your house, and clear your gutters of debris. Clean your kitchen and garbage areas, make sure your basement and attic are both dry, and inspect boxes before you bring them into your house.

For more information on how you can avoid termites, ants, and bed bugs in Orange County, you can call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. We are home pest control professionals who can help you preserve your property by keeping pests out, so check out our website for an overview of our services.

How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from Your Shopping Trip

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You can find bed bugs just about anywhere, but you never want to bring them home with you. If you love to shop but want to make sure you don’t bring a pest control issue back home, it pays to be extra careful. Here’s how to avoid bringing bed bugs home:

Be Careful What You Try On
Bed bugs are small and sneaky, making them difficult to spot. The bad news is that they could be just about anywhere, and they’ll follow you home whether you notice them or not. When you go into a dressing room on your shopping trip, inspect each piece of clothing before you try it on. Even if you don’t see a bed bug’s body, you might notice a stain from droppings—if you do, put the garment back and choose another one.

Hang Your Clothes
Inspecting your clothing is just part of the process. If you want to be sure that you don’t bring bed bugs home, you should also hang your clothes in the dressing room, rather than laying them down on the bench in the dressing room. Even if the shirt, pants, or blouse that you chose doesn’t show any signs of bed bugs, there could be some lurking in the dressing room. Hanging your clothes up reduces the chances that these pests will hop onto them.

Wash Before Wearing
Even if a bed bug or 2 does hop onto something you buy at the store, you still have a chance to avoid the accompanying infestation. As soon as you get back to your house, you should wash your new clothes in hot water. Heat kills bed bugs, and a hot wash can protect you from an infestation when you get home from the store.

Did you accidentally bring bed bugs back from your shopping trip? Contact the team at Payne Pest Management or visit our website. In addition to bed bug control in Orange County, we tackle fumigation services and termite pest control. Come in and see us or call us at (877) 365-5629 to find out what we can do.

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