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A Look at How Bees Make Honey

Bees are responsible for pollinating many of the fruits and vegetables that we eat every day. This video from It’s Okay To Be Smart explains how a beehive transforms nectar and pollen into honey. After a bee has ingested nectar, its digestive enzymes transform the substance into honey. Though bees do make delicious honey, you don’t want them nesting near your home. To prevent stinging insects from making a colony on your property, do not hesitate to set up pest control service.

The team at Payne Pest Management is ready to help you with quality pest control services in Orange County. From bed bug control to stinging insect removal, we help homeowners and business owners free their properties from pest infestations. Give us a call at (877) 365-5629 to learn more about the different pest control solutions that we have to offer.

What You Need to Know About the Differences Between Rats and Mice

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Rodents can destroy your home and negatively affect your quality of life. When you are considering setting up rodent control services for your property, one of the first steps that your exterminator will take will be to identify whether rats or mice are the source of your pest control woes. While rats and mice belong to the same family of animals, their habits and behaviors differ greatly. Let’s review some essentials that every homeowner should know about the differences between rats and mice.

Response to New Stimuli
When you are attempting to trap mice or rats, you will need to get inside the heads of these furry creatures. One aspect that differs greatly between rats and mice is each animal’s response to new stimuli. A mouse is a naturally curious creature, and he will happily investigate new objects and areas. Rats, by contrast, are skeptical of new things, and will go to great lengths to avoid straying from their routines.

Ability to Burrow
One method for determining whether you have a rat or mouse infestation on your property is to look for underground tunnels around your property. Mice almost never burrow, and prefer to live their lives above ground. Rats, in comparison, are expert diggers, and will often create extensive networks of tunnels around a home.

Physical Appearance
In order to figure out whether you are dealing with a rat or mice infestation, you may need to visually identify the rodents that have invaded your property. If you are dealing with a rat infestation, you may notice that your resident rodents are quite large.

For help with achieving effective rodent control on your property, get in touch with the friendly team at Payne Pest Management. We specialize in rodent pest control serving Orange County, and our top rated pest control services will allow you to completely remove your infestation. Give us a call at (877) 365-5629 to hear more about the rodent control services that we have to offer for your home.

Preparing for Your Termite Fumigation

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Fumigation is among the most effective termite control strategies for your home. If your home is infested with termites, your pest control professional may recommend a whole home fumigation service to completely eliminate the problem. Since termite fumigation can be a significant procedure, it is essential that you prepare your property and family beforehand. Some steps that can help you prepare for your termite fumigation include:

Arrange for a Place to Stay
During a termite fumigation service, your entire house will be tented and filled with a gas that targets and kills termites. Since this gas can also be dangerous to humans and pets, you will need to vacate your property during the fumigation procedure. Your fumigation will last for up to three days, so it will be necessary to arrange for a place to stay overnight. It will be up to you to determine whether you would prefer to stay with family, friends, or at a nearby hotel.

Seal or Remove Delicate Items and Materials
To prepare your home for fumigation, you will also need to identify any plants, food items, or other items that could potentially be damaged by the procedure. Any unsealed food items should be tightly sealed in special bags prior to fumigation. You will also need to take your indoor plants outside before the fumigation procedure starts.

Consult With Your Exterminator
As you are getting ready to have your house fumigated for termites, you will need to schedule a one-on-one meeting with your exterminator. During this informational appointment, your exterminator will be able to answer any questions that you may have about how to prepare your home for the procedure.

At Payne Pest Management, our team of seasoned exterminators are ready to provide you with effective pest control in Orange County. For more than a decade, we have provided residential pest control services to our satisfied customers throughout the region. To schedule a consultation for our termite fumigation services, give us a call at (877) 365-5629.

A Look at How Rodents Can Damage Your Home

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No one likes walking into their kitchen to find a rat or mouse in their garbage, but there’s more to the problem than discomfort. A rodent control issue can be bad for your home, thanks to the way they gnaw on everything, build nests on your property, and spread disease. Here’s a look at how rodents can damage your home:

Rodents need to chew to keep their teeth sharp, so they will gnaw on just about anything that they happen to come across. This includes wooden fixtures, electrical wires, and toys. The only way to completely fix this problem is to remove the rodents.

Building Nests
It can be a hassle to get up onto your roof and clean your gutters, but it can also be worth your while. Rodents have a habit of building nests in your gutters, which gives them easy access to your roof. Then rats and mice can gnaw at your roof shingles and make an entrance into your attic, where they can ultimately infest the rest of your home. Additionally, a leaky roof can lead to a multitude of problems unrelated to your rodent control issues. Water can leak into your home and cause water damage and mold growth, and excess water can spill over the gutters and onto your front lawn, leaving standing water that attracts more pests.

Spreading Disease
A rodent control problem can become a health hazard if you don’t take care of it in a timely fashion. Rodents are known to carry leptospirosis, which is an infectious disease. Humans can attract it directly when they clean up infestations, which is why it’s wise to call the professionals. Rats and mice might also infect dogs and cats with this disease. Symptoms of leptospirosis range from fever and joint pain to death via multiple organ failure, so call the rodent control professionals as soon as possible.

If you’re tired of rodents damaging your home, don’t wait to contact Payne Pest Management. Rodent control near San Diego isn’t our only specialty, and we can help you with residential and commercial pest control. Call us at (877) 365-5629 for information.

Examining Different Types of Wasps

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Some kinds of wasps tend to be especially nasty, so it’s helpful to be able to identify the different kinds so you can let the pest control professionals know. Wasps are not the same as bees, and they come in a handful of different types. Keep reading if you’re interested in examining different types of wasps.

As a human who doesn’t want to be stung, there are certain wasps you should care about and certain wasps that you don’t need to worry about so much. Solitary wasps are the type that might not warrant a call to your pest control professional. These wasps are popular in the United States, but they don’t tend to be especially attracted to humans. Instead, they use their stingers to paralyze their prey so that they can feed. Mud daubers and cicada killers both fall into the solitary wasp category.

A social wasp typically lives in a nest. If you disturb the nest, you can expect a swarm of wasps to respond in defense. This can be especially dangerous if social wasps decide to set up their colony in your home, posing a threat to you and your family. You might also find them around your garbage area, looking for leftover food. It’s particularly important to look out for social wasps during the winter when they look to warmer areas for shelter. Yellowjackets and paper wasps are both types of social wasps, and they may very well constitute a pest control emergency.

If you’re worried about getting stung, your radar should be set on social wasps. Solitary wasps can also sting, but humans aren’t usually their targets. Stinging wasps fold their wings by length so that they don’t appear as wide, and they are more active during the summer than the winter.

No matter what kind of wasps you’re dealing with, you’ll need pest control in Orange County. In this case, you can call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. We also deal with termites and bed bug bites, so don’t hesitate to visit our website and learn about our services.

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