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What to Do About Bites in the Night

Pest Control Orange County When you wake up to numerous bites on your legs or body, it is the first sign that you may have a problem with pests in your house. You may need bed bug treatment or other forms of pest control, but it is important to follow these next steps when you’ve been bitten during the night:

Diagnose the Bite
If you have felt yourself being bitten when you get into bed, or you wake up with mysterious bites, then it is crucial to identify the bites and the pest causing them. While many bites may itch and annoy you, they can also be transmitting diseases or harming you with venom. In order to diagnose the bite, it is best to find the pest that is biting you. There are several types of bugs that will hide in your sheets and bed, such as bed bugs, spiders, and fleas.

Hire Pest Control
Even if you have not diagnosed the bite or pest, you should still call a pest control company. If you let a possible infestation worsen, then you risk further damage to yourself, your home, and your possessions. A pest control company can come into your home to look for other signs of the pest, and the professionals may even be able to diagnose the bites you have received. If the pest is identified, then the pest control company can suggest different types of pest control services, such as spider or bed bug treatment.

Prevent Future Bites
Once the pest has been identified, it is crucial to prevent future bites and infestations. While many preventative measures include cleaning your house often, decluttering storage areas, and putting away leftover food, bed bug preventatives can differ. To prevent future bed bug infestations, always inspect hotel rooms you visit and clean your clothes as soon as you return from vacations.

Spiders, fleas, and bed bugs in Orange County and San Diego are not pests to ignore, especially if they are biting you. Protect yourself and your family by calling Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629.

How to Tell If You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can leave behind extensive damages and heartache. Without professional bed bug treatment, you risk allowing a bed bug infestation to take over your house. Watch this video to learn how to tell if you have bed bugs.

The first sign you might have bed bugs is when you notice small, red bites on your legs and body. If you check the crevices in your bed, bedframe, and surrounding furniture, you might find other signs of bed bugs. Black, red, or rust-colored spots on your bedsheets is a common sign. You may also find the bugs themselves in egg form or as adults, which can look dark brown or black.

Learn how to check for bed bugs and receive bed bug treatment with Payne Pest Management. We can help keep your house and family protected from bed bugs in Orange County and San Diego once you call us at (877) 365-5629.

Dealing with Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants live in wood where they nest and feed on protein and sugar. They can be difficult to fully eradicate with over-the-counter products, which makes it necessary to hire a pest control company to perform professional pest control in your house and on your property. Continue reading for more information about dealing with carpenter ants.

As seen in the video, it is best to have a professional diagnose your ant infestation in case it turns out to be a termite infestation. This would require fumigation service. If ants have been confirmed, then ensure all food and water sources are cleaned and free of ants. Call a pest control company to get rid of the ants.

Payne Pest Management has 30 years of experience and 10 years in business as a pest control company near Orange County and San Diego. Please visit online or call us at (877) 365-5629 to see how we can help.

What Do Mice Like to Eat?

Pest Control San Diego

An effective means of rodent control is to keep certain foods from being accessed by mice and rats. However, it is necessary to know which foods will attract these rodents more than others. Let’s look at the different foods that mice like to eat.

Mice are omnivorous creatures, meaning they will eat anything from meat to plants to seeds. There are foods, though, that mice prefer to eat if given a choice. Mice will usually eat grains, fruits, seeds, and other high-carbohydrate foods. If their food source is low and they are starving, mice may eat their own kind or their own tails. Mice have also been known to eat or chew on inedible materials like cardboard boxes, clothing, and electrical wires. These items are typically used for nesting materials.

It is best to keep a house clean and free of mice-accessible foods and trash. To learn about effective mouse-proofing and rodent control, call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. With our rodent control services, we can keep mice from infesting properties and contaminating food. Please call us right away for residential pest control or commercial pest control in Orange County and San Diego.

Types of Cockroaches That May Lurk in Your Southern California Home

Pest Control Orange County

There are four common types of cockroaches that you may find in your home or around your property. These cockroaches—German, American, Oriental, and Banded cockroaches—can spread diseases, damage your belongings, and pollute your food. If you notice any of the following types of cockroaches or any other unwelcome pest, call for professional pest control right away.

German Cockroach
The German cockroach is the most common cockroach to find in your home. This type of cockroach often lurks in warm and damp areas like a kitchen or bathroom. German cockroaches are light brown and can be identified by two dark stripes that appear down their backs.

American Cockroach
American cockroaches will often be found outside your home in a sewer or water meter. These cockroaches are reddish-brown in color, and their wings are large enough to cover their abdomens. American cockroaches are the largest in size of the four common species, measuring up to 1 ½ inches in length.

Oriental Cockroach
Oriental cockroaches are completely black in color, and they prefer damp, cooler areas. You may find these cockroaches in your trash piles, shrubs, and other outside areas. Oriental cockroaches are slightly smaller than American cockroaches, measuring up to 1 ¼ inches in length. Their wings are also shorter than those of American cockroaches.

Banded Cockroach
Banded cockroaches are the smallest of the four common types that might infest your home and property. They measure at ½ inch in length, and they stick to dryer areas, such as a closet, furniture, or ceiling. Banded cockroaches are light brown with two pale brown bands that connect the bases of their wings.

If you have cockroaches anywhere near your house, then call Payne Pest Management for our pest control services right away. Cockroaches are incredibly damaging to the health and safety of your home and family. Please call our pest control company for pest control and fumigations near Orange County and San Diego at (877) 365-5629.

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