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What Is Hantavirus?

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Hantavirus is an infection that can lead to a potentially fatal disease known as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Hantavirus is spread to humans through infected rodents, making effective rodent control a necessity for any home or property that might show signs of a rodent infestation. Let’s look at hantavirus and how it effects humans.

Humans can contract the virus by breathing in contaminated air. Contaminated air occurs when an infected rodent urinates or lays droppings. Humans may also contract the virus if they are bitten by an infected rodent or eat contaminated food.

The virus typically appears as an amplified version of a flu with symptoms of fatigue, fever, and severe muscle aches. Other symptoms might include dizziness, headaches, and abdominal issues. As the condition progresses, symptoms will include coughing and shortness of breath because the lungs are filling with fluid. If not treated right away, hantavirus can be fatal.

Don’t risk your family’s health by not scheduling rodent control services right away. Payne Pest Management is a qualified pest control company with the necessary materials to conduct effective rodent control near Orange County. Visit us online or call us at (877) 365-5629 to learn more about our rodent control techniques.

A Look at Termite Colonies

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Though there are several termite species, they all tend to follow the same basic structure that can be found in termite colonies. By knowing how termites form and maintain their colonies, pest control companies can apply termite control techniques more effectively. Here is a brief look at termite colonies:

Termite colonies can function as one body, which means that every termite acts without hesitation according to its job. Each termite is assigned to a specific level, or caste, within the colony. Workers, soldiers, and reproductive termites all play a significant role in building the colony. Reproductive termites play an especially important role, because they help form new colonies separate from the one they were born into.

Learn more about termites in Orange County and professional termite control with Payne Pest Management. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and qualified staff to handle any pest control issue. Please call us at (877) 365-5629 to schedule a free estimate and take advantage of our expertise.

Where to Look for Termite Damage

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Termite damage is one of the leading causes of home repairs around the country, because the damage can be hard to spot. Jammed doors and windows may seem like a natural progression, especially for old houses, and loose tiles may feel like an occasional fluke. However, both are signals that termite control might be needed. Here is a quick look at where to find signs of termite damage:

There are several ways that flooring damage can signal a termite infestation. Sagging or warped-looking hardwood floors, loose tiles, and bubbling laminate floors are all signs that a house may have termites. If the floors buckle or appear to sag, then the termite damage may be extensive. These types of symptoms can also appear on outdoor wooden decking and patio work. It is essential these signs be addressed and corrected with a fumigation service to ensure the house’s safety.

The drywall on the walls or ceiling can exhibit a few different signs of termite damage. If the walls or ceiling begin to sag or bubble, then a pest control company should be called soon to inspect the area. The drywall may also appear discolored or have tiny holes where termites have damaged the paperboard.

Jammed Doors and Windows
If the doors and windows of a house begin to jam or open and close with difficulty, then termites may have infiltrated different areas of the house. Jammed doors and windows may mean that the frames have been damaged directly by termites. However, frames can shift slightly as a house’s foundation shifts. Termites an affect a house’s entire foundation and structure, which could result in the doors and windows jamming.

To learn more about termite damage and where to look for it, call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. With our pest control and fumigation service near Orange County, we can address termite damage before it leads to costly home repairs. Please call us right away to schedule a consultation and fumigation date.

Spotting the Differences Between Mice and Rats

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Many homeowners may not understand the difference between mice and rats when they call for rodent control. Though both types of rodents can cause serious health problems and home damages, it is helpful to know what to look for when determining what type of rodent infestation is in a house.

Their Sizes
One of the most notable differences between mice and rats is their different sizes. Rats, even juvenile rats, tend to be much bigger than mice. Mice often weigh almost one-tenth of what rats weigh, about 650 grams to mice’s 90 grams fully grown. Rats are also double the size of mice in length, reaching 9-11 inches in body length to mice’s 3-4 inches in body length. These massive size differences affect many of the other differences between rats and mice, including their feces and their facial features.

Their Feces
A clear sign that a pest control company should be called for rodent control is when the feces are found. One rat or mouse can drop dozens of feces a day, which can lead to significant health problems and home damages. Mouse and rat feces differ in size and shape, which will help a rodent pest control expert identify the infestation. Mouse feces are small and pellet-shaped, while rat feces are much longer and bigger. Both types of feces may appear tan to brown to black in color.

Their Features
Though both rats and mice may have similar body shapes, there are certain features that differentiate between the two species. Rats have larger extremities—feet and tails, for example—although mice may have larger ears. Rats will also have large and heavy heads that may appear wide and chunky. Mice have more delicate features with triangular-shaped muzzles.

When a house is under attack from any type of rodent, call the experts of Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629. Our rodent control services include rodent removal and prevention techniques to keep a home safe in the future. Please call us to learn more about our rodent control services in Orange County.

Why Bed Bugs Are So Difficult to Eradicate

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Bed bugs are a common pest found in hotels and homes around the country. They do not respond to inferior bed bug treatments, and they can withstand long periods without food. These are just some of the reasons why bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate. Continue reading to learn more.

They can refrain from eating for long periods.
Adult bed bugs can go without feeding for up to a year. This ability to hibernate for such long periods make bed bugs exceptionally hard to detect and eradicate. If they are in a piece of upholstery or in a vacant hotel room for months at a time, they may not leave any traces until they begin to feed on a host again.

They can travel between hosts very easily.
Bed bugs can travel up to 20 feet away in one night, and they can withstand long periods with no meals. If a bed bug ends up in a traveler’s suitcase or on a donated piece of furniture, then it can quickly pass between hosts and begin a new infestation. If bed bugs stay in a vacant location and remain dormant, they will restart the feeding process as soon as a host becomes available again.

They cannot be controlled through “home remedies.”

Some homeowners might be tempted to perform a homemade bed bug treatment before calling a qualified pest control company. This is a mistake, because bed bugs will rarely respond to inferior materials and treatments. Only qualified pest control companies have the necessary treatments and techniques to fully discover and eradicate all bed bugs in a location.

Call Payne Pest Management at (877) 365-5629 to learn more about our bed bug treatments serving Orange County and San Diego. We have all the necessary training and experience to address all areas of pest control, including preventing and eradicating bed bugs. Call us right away to receive a free estimate.

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