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Tips for Keeping Pests Away from Your Home

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Pests can turn into a huge problem for your home unless you take a few simple precautions. You can minimize your risks of a costly or inconvenient pest infestation by following these tips. These resources and a dedicated pest control company will help you protect your home for life.

  • Eliminate Food Particles: Pests are mainly attracted to your home for easy access to food. Remove these incentives and your home should remain pest-free. Pests are very talented at detecting food particles from long distances, so homeowners must do more than simply put their dishes in the sink. Clean your dishes, rinse off kitchen appliances, wipe down counters, and sweep floors frequently. Preventative pest control will go a long way toward keeping these unwanted guests out of your household.
  • Maintain Garbage Areas: Your garbage is full of attractions for insect and rodent pests. Homeowners who want to keep these invaders out of their home should keep garbage areas clean and contained. Otherwise, an overflowing stack of garbage bags will entice hungry rats or roaches closer to your perimeter.
  • Repair Perimeter Seals: Insects and pests often enter your home through the small cracks and gaps that plague your home. Thankfully, homeowners can address these issues by upgrading their exterior fixtures and also reapplying perimeter sealing. Caulks and weather stripping are easy to add to any type of home.
  • Clear Outdoor Brush: Dead branches and old leaves are perfect hiding spots for household pests. Keep your yard free of these potential pest shelters and minimize your chances of falling victim to infestation. In addition, homeowners should be wary of bringing outside plants into their homes. Numerous types of pests make their home in potted or wild plants before spreading to a new home.

Payne Pest Management can remove roach, termite, and rodent problems in a flash. Get in touch with our friendly technicians and schedule a routine checkup today by making a call to (949) 450-9955. We’re proud to serve the Orange County area with impeccable customer service.

The Benefits of Green Pest Control

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In order to promote a sustainable future, conscientious citizens work to minimize the waste generated by any home improvement project. Homeowners with a pest problem can reduce the amount of waste they produce by working with a green pest control company. Keep reading to find out more about green pest control and learn why the treatment right for your home.

  • Environmental Protection: Insects can ravage the inside and outside of your home. Attacking colonies can be especially troublesome when they take up residence near a homeowner’s garden or a pet’s play area. Homeowners can count on non-toxic green pest control solutions to eliminate pest problems without harming nearby plants or animals.
  • Sanitation Enhancements: One of the most common and effective green pest control methods is sanitation control. Removal of unkempt foliage and overflowing garbage bins eliminates major incentives for pest activity. A green pest control professional can help homeowners to locate and eliminate these problem spots with organic solutions.
  • EPA Approval: The best green pest control companies utilize only Environmental Protection Agency certified pesticide. These chemicals and formulas are guaranteed to avoid causing harm to the environment and to your family. Make sure your household is safe by selecting a company that utilizes government tested pesticides. You can learn more about low-toxic and organic pest control solutions by visiting the EPA online.
  • Custom Treatment: Every home has unique green needs when it comes to soil, wildlife, home design, and yard use. Choose a green pest control company that can deliver on the personal details. A high-quality green pest control company will provide flexible services that meet your schedule and make pest control a breeze.

Payne Pest Management is an experienced green pest control company with decades of industry experience. You can contact us at (949) 450-9955 if your home or commercial building is in need of treatment for termites and other pests. Log on to our homepage for a detailed overview of our services.

Watch This Video for a Look at Cockroaches

Roaches are an extremely hardy and resilient type of insect. These qualities also make them among the most widely feared household pests. Learn more about cockroaches, as well as the characteristics that help them to invade homes, with this National Geographic video.

Roaches have all types of tools and physical features that help them to thrive in human homes. For example, cockroaches can squeeze their bodies through extremely small spaces and feed on almost any type of organic household waste. Use this data to minimize cockroach activity in your own home.

Roaches are just one of the many problems that Payne Pest Management can handle. Contact us at (949) 450-9955 if your home or office is experiencing frequent roach sightings. We can also help you to eliminate silverfish, earwigs, and crickets.

How Often Should You Call for Professional Pest Control?


Experienced pest control companies can have your pest problems eliminated swiftly and efficiently. In addition, homeowners can save money and time by employing pest control professionals prior to a major pest breakout or infiltration. Use these pest control tips to decide when and how often to call for professional help.

  • Professional Consultation: Pest threat factors for your home vary according to your climate, location, lifestyle, and type of home. As a result, it’s almost impossible to find a universal rule for how often a pest control professional should visit your home. However, a professional can identify your home’s most glaring pest vulnerabilities and suggest a targeted maintenance schedule. Trust the advice of an experienced pest professional and your home should rarely experience the hassle caused by pests.
  • Emergency Symptoms: Some signs of pest infestation call for immediate pest control. In cases like these, a quick professional response can protect your home from serious damages. The presence of winged termites, for example, reveals the presence of an active colony near your home—a rapid termite removal could save you thousands of dollars in structural damage to your home. Learn more about the warning signs for each major pest infestation in your area to know when to call in a pro.
  • Routine Options: Homeowners can avoid the trouble of pest control scheduling by having routine maintenance performed. These regular checkup will ensure that your home is always free of pests and the yard features that bring pests toward your home. Choose a company that can inspect your home for—and protect against—a wide range of infestation types. Services like Payne Pest Management will help you get the most protection for your routine maintenance dollar.

Trust Payne Pest Management to rid your home of pests of any kind. We have more than 30 years of experience with removing ants, rodents, roaches, birds, and flying insects. Contact us at (949) 450-9955 today if you have any questions.

How Whole Structure Fumigation Works

Home pest control problems sometimes need a whole-house solution. In cases like these, professional structure fumigation is often the perfect answer. Use this video from Payne Pest Management to learn how fumigation can help your home.

Viewers will learn the importance of understanding the fumigation process before scheduling the repair for your home. The video also explains how to prepare a home for fumigation. Homeowners can feel safe leaving their homes for fumigation, as professional companies will provide extra home security.

Get in touch with Orange County’s top pest control team by calling Payne Pest Management at (949) 450-9955. No other company can compare to our level of experience and results. Contact us today to schedule a routine inspection or emergency pest removal.

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