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Signs That You May Have a Mice Problem in Your Home

Group of mice walking in a luxury old-fashioned room

Pellet-shaped droppings, gnaw marks, and movement as soon as you enter a room are all signs that rodents are living in your home. Rodents cause much more than structural damage to a home. These pests also carry dangerous diseases. Keep your eyes out for the following signs that mice are living in your home to protect yourself and your home:

Mouse Droppings

Dark and moist when freshly laid, mouse droppings tend to be pellet-shaped and roughly the size of grains of rice. Older droppings are lighter in color and crumble easily.

Gnaw Marks

Mice will chew on anything. Check your walls, wooden furniture, and even plastic wares for chew or gnaw marks, and call a pest control professional if you detect any teeth marks.


When it comes to nest building, mice can be resourceful. If you discover piles of grass, fabric, and shredded paper that you did not create, you may have stumbled upon a mice nest.


If you hear rustling or squeaking noises that sound like they are coming from above you or inside your walls, do not dismiss them as nighttime delusions. Mice are nocturnal, and attics and crawl spaces are two of their favorite places to take up residence.

Strange Smells

Mouse problems are often accompanied by musky, unpleasant odors that are not typically found in a home. The more mice you have in your home, the stronger the smell will be.

Once you have detected rodents in your home, call your local pest control professional and let an experienced team handle the vermin from there. Proudly serving all of Orange County, Payne Pest Management will thoroughly rid your home of rodent invaders. To speak with an experienced member of our team, call (949) 450-9955 today!

How Many Types of Ants Are There?

In spite of their relatively small size, ants exist in such large numbers that there is more cumulative ant weight on this earth than there is human weight. If you are interested in learning more about ants and their numbers, check out this educational video clip.

With more than 10,000 species of ant on the planet, several of which can be found in Southern California, it is important to identify the type of ant that has invaded your property before you start carrying out a treatment plan.

At Payne Pest Management in Van Nuys, we are equipped to treat ant problems throughout Orange County and the Los Angeles area. To arrange to have the proper treatment method carried out on your property, call (949) 450-9955 to speak with an experienced pest control professional today!

Why Should You Get Your Bird Problem Taken Care Of?


Some birds are beautiful, and most birds can be interesting to observe. Unless you want to invite birds to spread diseases and damage your property value, however, birds are best observed from a distance. To learn more about the nuisances that avian pests can create on your Orange County residential or commercial property, continue reading this article.

Health Hazards

Despite their comparative attractiveness, birds are actually more likely to impact your health than most other pests. While the majority of the bacteria that birds expose humans to are harmless, exposure to pigeon droppings and excrement from other birds can cause humans to develop some pretty nasty illnesses. Histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and avian flu are examples of the diseases that can be transmitted from birds to people. When you choose to solve your bird problem, it is important to thoroughly clean your home or business of bird droppings, as they are responsible for the spread of most illnesses transmitted from birds to household pets and humans.

Property Damage

Birds that nest on your property can cause damage to your home’s exterior and landscaping. In addition to making nests wherever they please, the birds on your property will expel droppings that can corrode most building materials, including concrete and steel. To avoid having to pay for thorough cleaning and repairs, hire a pest control professional to bird-proof your home or business.

The Larger the Population, the Greater the Problem

If your home or business becomes a breeding ground for birds seemingly overnight, then it is imperative that you contact a pest control professional to take care of your bird problem. The more severe the infestation, the greater the likelihood that bird droppings contaminated with harmful bacteria are on your property.

If you are an Orange County homeowner who has had enough from the woodpeckers and pigeons that have invaded your property, do not wait any longer to have these birds removed from your property and your life. Call Payne Pest Management at (949) 450-9955 today to speak with a pest control professional about our bird management solutions.

3 Signs That You Have Cockroaches in Your Home


Few pests are as universally reviled as the common cockroach. Nocturnal, adaptable, and fast-breeding, cockroach populations are significant in most densely inhabited areas in the United States. There is no reason to believe this trend will change any time soon. If you want to be able to detect cockroaches almost as soon as they trespass onto your property, then familiarize yourself with the following signs of cockroach infestation:

1. “Coffee Grounds” on the Ground

If you find what appear to be coffee grounds on your floor, and they are nowhere near your coffee grinder, you may be mistaking the source of your morning energy with roach droppings. Droppings from small roaches may appear similar to black pepper or coffee grounds. You are most likely to find roach droppings behind your refrigerator or against walls in cooler parts of your home.

2. Unfamiliar or All-Too-Familiar Odor

If you have dealt with a cockroach infestation in the past, you may reach for the phone to call a pest control professional as soon as you detect that unforgettably unpleasant smell. If you have never had a problem with cockroaches, and you start to notice a pungent musty smell whenever you enter your home, a family of cockroaches may be to blame. Hire a professional fumigator to come out to your home and inspect it for cockroaches or other pests.

3. Daytime Sightings

For the most part, cockroaches do their roaming and feeding at night. If you spot roaches in your home during the daytime, this could be a sign that there is significant cockroach activity in your home. If you spot a deceased roach at any time, you should keep an eye out for other signs of cockroaches’ presence.

Are you an Orange County resident who has detected the presence of cockroaches or other pests on your property? If so, Payne Pest Management can successfully rid your property of its current cockroach population and treat it regularly to keep the vile insects from crossing any of your home’s thresholds in the future. Call (949) 450-9955 to arrange to have your home fumigated for cockroaches or to learn more about our integrated approach to pest management.


How to Treat a Wasp Sting

Unlike the common honeybee, many wasps have an aggressive manner. Knowing this, it is important to not make even the slightest move that could be perceived as threatening when in the presence of a wasp. If you do happen to be stung by a wasp, watch this educational video for advice on treating the sting.

After being attacked, removal of the stinger should be your top priority. This video offers tips for removing the stinger in a way that minimizes the release of additional venom. Also discussed in this clip is the proper method of washing the wound sustained during the sting. If swelling or redness is severe enough to warrant allergy concerns, seek medical attention immediately.

If the wasp that stung you is not the only one that has been living on your Orange Country property, you should hire a pest control professional to treat your yard and home. To speak with an experienced pest elimination expert in Orange County, call Payne Pest Management at (949) 450-9955. 

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