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Cockroach 101

They’re creepy, they’re dirty, and they may be lurking in your home! Cockroaches are the most easily recognizable pests in Orange County. These insects are infamous for spreading in large numbers, carrying disease, and being very difficult to eliminate without professional help.

This video from the National Pest Management Association goes through some of the most important traits to know about cockroaches. You will also learn how to keep your home cockroach free with some basic prevention strategies.

If you think your home might be infested with cockroaches, contact a professional pest control service immediately. At Payne Pest Management, we have over 30 years in helping residents of Orange County combat roaches, termites, bed bugs, and other pests through fumigation and other pest control services. Call us today at (949) 450-9955 to schedule a consultation.

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Payne Pest Management is your pest control solution.

Keeping pests under control requires the help of a professional pest management service. The links below are chock full of helpful information to help you better understand the pests you’re up against. For expert pest control services in Orange County, contact Payne Pest Management today at (949) 450-9955. We serve all of Orange County with the very best residential pest control and fumigation services.

Crickets aren’t just noisy; they can also destroy your garden! Learn more about these pests on this page from the University of Arizona.

If termites are infesting your home, you need the help of a pest control professional. Find out about your fumigation and extermination options in this document from Department of Consumer Affairs.

Dealing with a silverfish infestation at your home? This page from Texas A&M discusses some of the key characteristics of these pests, and why you should hire a pest control service to rid them from your home.

If your property is suddenly overrun by wasps and bees, you might be doing something to attract them. Find out what it may be on this page from

Dealing with ants, roaches, wasps, or other spring-time pests? This article from Rachel Ray has great tips on how to prevent infestations before they happen.

A Basic Guide to Silverfish, Earwigs, and Other Non-Stinging Household Pests

Silverfish Bristletail

While some pests pose immediate health and safety risks, other pests found in Orange County can be equally undesirable for different reasons. Silverfish, earwigs, crickets, and other non-stinging pests may not pose much danger, but they can be a serious nuisance when they are found in your home in large numbers. Let’s take a look at where these three pests come from, and how hiring a pest control service can keep them out of your home.


Silverfish are small, silver or brown insects that are some of the most commonly found pests in Orange County. These insects are most easily identifiable by their two long antennae and tail projections, as well as their segmented, scaled shell. Silverfish can feed on virtually anything, but prefer carbohydrates and proteins. Homeowners often find these pests in cupboards, clothing, books, and papers.


Like silverfish, earwigs are typically brown in color and have prominent tail projections and antennae. However, while silverfish tend to wreak havoc indoors, earwigs are particularly destructive outdoors, where they feed on plants and dead plant material. Earwigs can be found in crawlspaces, mulch, under decking, and near composts. While eliminating these sources of food and shelter can reduce the number of earwigs you find, pest control services can help to eliminate entire populations.


While a little cricket chirping on a breezy California night can be romantic for a while, it can quickly become very annoying. Crickets are some of the most commonly found pests in Orange County, and they can create quite a racket if populations are allowed to grow uncontrolled. Crickets can also do serious damage to your lawn and garden since they primarily feed on plants, fungi, seeds, and other organic materials.

What’s the best way to control these and other household pests? Contact Payne Pest Management for the very best in Orange County pest control services. We specialize in pest management solutions designed to keep bugs, rodents, termites, and others away for good. Call (949) 450-9955.

How to Treat a Bee Sting

For most people, bee stings aren’t fatal or dangerous. However, they are universally painful, especially for young children. Knowing what to do if you or a loved one is stung by a bee can help to minimize pain and improve recovery times.

This video provides some great tips on how to treat a bee sting, with special emphasis on treating children. Many of the strategies discussed in this video utilize household items such as baking soda, towels, and cold or allergy medicine.

To avoid bee stings entirely, you will need the help of a pest control expert. Payne Pest Management of Orange County specializes in bee, wasp, and hornet extermination services, as well as nest removal. Give us a call today to protect your home and family from bee infestations. Our number is (949) 450-9955.

A Guide to the Rodent Species That Could Be Hiding in Your Home

two rats on the grass  isolated in white.

Rodents keep low key when they attempt to make your home into their own. While mice and rats may all look the same to some, there are a handful of different species that may be hiding in your home. Knowing which species are present can help you find the right pest control solution as quickly as possible.

House Mice

House mice are the most likely rodent species to find hiding out in your home. You can identify them by their brown or black fur. House mice are about two inches in length, excluding the tail. These crafty, round creepers can squeeze into spaces as small as a nickel in diameter, and their urine can trigger allergic reactions in children.

Deer Mice

Deer mice prefer the outdoors, and rarely enter homes. You might find one in a secluded area of your home, such as an attic. Deer mice range from five to eight inches in length and have white feet and bellies. This species can pose a greater danger than house mice because they are prone to carry Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, which can be fatal. Wear thick gloves and protective breathing masks when in areas that deer mice populate, as urine droplets and carcasses can infect you.

Roof and Norway Rats

Roof rats earn their name because of their propensity to land upper parts of buildings, as they leap from branches, trees, and power lines. Including the tail, these black furred rodents can be 16 inches in length. Roof rats infamously spread the bubonic plague through Europe. Norway rats differ in that they have longer bodies and short tails, as well as variable fur color. They may be brown, gray, or black. Norway rats tend to live outdoors, but make their way into homes in the fall and winter if they have trouble finding food.

The seasoned professionals at Payne Pest Management can fix your rodent problem quickly. Call us at (949) 450-9955 to learn more about out pest control and fumigation services. We offer quality pest control services for residential and commercial clients in Orange Country and throughout Southern California.

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