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Top 3 Entry Points Rodents Use to Enter Your Home

Don't let Rodents in your home!

Rats and mice don’t sneak into your home through doors or windows like burglars. These potential disease carriers find less obvious breaches in your home’s infrastructure and open up paths for their friends whenever successful. If you know the most popular entry points rodents use, you can fight the invasion on your home faster than you thought possible.


The easiest way for rats and mice to enter your home is through unprotected vents and ducts that run from the outside to the inside. Even if the vents don’t open into rooms in which you find rodents, the critters can make holes in weak portions of the ducts, creating convenient routes to desirable areas in your home. Cover your ducts with grates that have small openings and cannot be chewed through.

Pipe Openings

If they do not come in through pipes, rodents can squeeze their way through cracks and holes around your pipes. This is especially true for pipes with cool condensation forming on them, as rodents use them as a water source. Inspect the areas of you home where pipes enter and leave. Seal cracks and holes around the pipes to prevent free passage.

Foundation Cracks

Older homes and buildings may have cracks in their foundation or slab that allow rodents to come in from the ground. In densely populated areas where rats and mice are prevalent, this is a common means of entry. While self-inspection and spot plugging of smaller cracks are encouraged, you may need to hire a professional to make sure that this infrastructure problem is not a threat to your home’s safety as well.

With over 30 years of experience serving Orange County and Southern California, Payne Pest Management can help you keep rodents at bay. Call us at (949) 450-9955 for more information about our eradication services. We provide pest control for rodents, roaches, bed bugs, bees, and termites.

Why Termite Inspections Are an Essential Part of Real Estate Transactions

Wood Rot

No one wants to end up with buyer’s remorse, especially when a home is at stake. Before you finalize your closing paperwork, it’s important that the building you are buying is inspected for termites. Current or past termite infestation can affect property value, future expenses, and even safety. Your local pest control professional can help complete a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report to ensure that you are not making a poor investment before you sign. Below are a few reasons why this inspection is an essential part of any real estate transaction.

Property Value

A building with termite damage will continue to devalue over its life if not treated. Getting a termite inspection protects you from being swindled if the seller failed to disclose termite infestation or damage during your sale. Even if you never intend to sell the property in the future, you should want its value to increase over time instead of depreciate.

Future Costs

Repairing termite damage can be very costly, depending on the severity of the burrows and exit holes. A hidden termite problem will only exacerbate your expenses over time. Past termite infestations and damage can be a sign that wood boring insect problems may return, even if the building is clear at the time of sale. Also, termite damage will be a factor when you are considering loans and financing down the road.


Most importantly, termite damage can make the infrastructure of your home unsafe. This can lead to liability for property damage and injury if you intend to rent. While a total building collapse is an extreme example, it is still a possibility. You are more likely find unsightly burrows and visible damage to movable parts like stairs and windows that could cause injury if withered.

Payne Pest Management has specialized in termite control and fumigation for over three decades. Call us at (949) 450-9955 to arrange a termite inspection for a property in Orange County, or anywhere else in Southern California. We also provide pest control solutions for rats, mice, roaches, bed bugs, bees, and wasps.

The Relationship Between Cockroaches and Asthma

Cockroaches can trigger serious allergic reactions in asthmatics. As a result, keeping cockroaches out of your home should be a top priority if you have asthma. Seize control of both your environment and respiratory health by working with your licensed pest control professional to eliminate cockroaches.

In this video, you will learn how cockroaches affect asthma sufferers. First, you will learn that cockroaches are responsible for many allergy-inducing pathogens. Next, you will learn the symptoms of cockroach allergy, including itchy skin, dry eyes, stuffy nose, and scratchy throat. These can be more severe for asthmatics. Finally, you will discover that cockroach allergens exist in 63 percent of American households and are the top allergy trigger among inner city children, who are at high risk for asthma.

Payne Pest Management has been eliminating roaches for over 35 years in Orange County and Southern California. Call us at (949) 450-9955 to schedule an appointment today.

Learn More About Pest Prevention and The History of Bed Bugs By Exploring These Sites

Death Cockroach

Keeping your home free of pests like roaches, rats, and bed bugs promotes a healthy environment for your family. Your understanding of pests, including their appearance and tendencies, is your best weapon against their attempts to take over your home. Check out these links to learn more about how to maintain a pest-free residence.

The History Channel gives a chronological account of the human war against bed bugs. Humans have been fighting bed bug infestations since at least the Ancient Egyptian Empire.

Do you ever wonder how rodents get into people’s homes? gives detailed information on hows rodent find their way into homes and businesses.

The National Pest Management Association provides a helpful description of the different types of rodents that may be hiding in your home. Some of these rodents pose more serious health risks than you may have ever thought.

Termite inspections are essential to real estate deals. The San Francisco Chronicle explains why this is the case.

New York City is one of the areas in the United States hit hardest by the most recent bed bug epidemic. The city’s official website features tips for bed bug identification and control.

Payne Pest Management has over 35 years of experience remedying problems with all of these pests in Orange County and Southern California. Call us at (949) 450-9955 to speak with a licensed pest control professional about fumigation, termite inspection, bed bug eradication, or any other related concern you may have.

A Brief History of the War Between Humans and Bed Bugs

Old insecticide spray

Bed bugs have reemerged in the media recently after decades of relative quiet. Humans have been locked in a vacillating fight against bed bugs for at least 3,500 years. Understanding the history of the war between humans and bed bugs can give you the knowledge and perspective necessary to succeed in your own pest control battle.

Presence in Early History

According to The History Channel, archaeologists have found fossilized bed bugs from Ancient Egypt, dating back as far as 3,550 years ago. Bed bugs have also been nuisance enough to garner mention in the Jewish Talmud and fourth century Greek plays, among other sources. As for the United States, historians believe that colonists brought bed bugs to the Americas in their travels, as large collections of the parasites stowed away on ships. The lack of a documented Native American word for bed bug further supports this theory.

Twentieth Century Eradication

By the mid-1900’s, bed bugs were no longer an international epidemic. After a meteoric rise in the Americas and Europe throughout the 18th, 19th, and into the 20th centuries, advancements in pest control had finally put bed bugs on the run. In the 1920’s, densely populated areas turned to cyanide fumigation. By the 1940’s, cities gave way to DDT as a bed bug cure. Both of these were effective at killing bedbugs, but were also dangerous for people.

Modern Day Resurgence

In the 1980’s, health regulations outlawed DDT and other harmful pesticides. Since then, bed bugs have made a furious comeback, with the worst of their rally having come in the past decade. Bed bug-related pest control orders have tripled since 2000. Much like how they made their way to the New World, the spread of bed bugs has coincided with increased international travel, with hosts bringing them home in luggage and on clothes.

Payne Pest Management has bed bug eradication solutions for residents of Orange County and throughout Southern California. Call us at (949) 450-9955 for help getting rid of bed bugs, termites, roaches, rats, and any other unwanted critters.

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