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How to Treat a Wasp Sting

Unlike the common honeybee, many wasps have an aggressive manner. Knowing this, it is important to not make even the slightest move that could be perceived as threatening when in the presence of a wasp. If you do happen to be stung by a wasp, watch this educational video for advice on treating the sting.

After being attacked, removal of the stinger should be your top priority. This video offers tips for removing the stinger in a way that minimizes the release of additional venom. Also discussed in this clip is the proper method of washing the wound sustained during the sting. If swelling or redness is severe enough to warrant allergy concerns, seek medical attention immediately.

If the wasp that stung you is not the only one that has been living on your Orange Country property, you should hire a pest control professional to treat your yard and home. To speak with an experienced pest elimination expert in Van Nuys, call Payne Pest Management at (949) 450-9955.

What to Do if Ants Invade Your Home

red fire ants

Every homeowner dreads the sight of an ant marching across the floor. As small and inconspicuous as they are, ants are maddening household pests; they invade cupboards, get into food, and are infuriatingly difficult to get rid of. If you spot a trail of ants in your home, it’s time to call a dependable pest control service. Here are some steps to take while you wait for the professionals to arrive:

Find where the ants are coming from. Locating the source of the ants will be immensely helpful to pest control technicians, and will allow you to take steps to prevent the pests from entering your home in the future. Look for signs of an ant colony outside your home. Be sure to examine trees and stumps closely—ants usually nest wherever they can find decaying wood.

Seal off any entry points. The trick to keeping ants out of your home is to seal off all possible entry points. Inspect all of your windows and doors for possible openings; if an exterior door doesn’t have an under-door seal, consider installing one. Ask a professional pest control service about effective ways of keeping ants out of your patio and yard.

Protect your food. If ants are in your home, it’s most likely because they’re looking for a new source of food. If you have any food on your counter, move it to a safer place—after checking to make sure that ants have not gotten into it. Check all of your cupboards, your refrigerator, and your freezer for signs of ants, and store sweet items such as sugar in airtight containers.

At Payne Pest Management, our pest control technicians are fully trained and ready to rid your household of ants, termites, bed bugs, and other unwanted visitors. We are efficient, thorough, and completely professional. To set up a routine inspection or emergency pest control, call our Orange County pest control team today at (949) 450-9955.

Why You Should Get Your Gopher or Mole Problem Taken Care Of By Payne Pest Management

Gopher eating

If you walk out onto your yard one morning to find dug-up soil and small mounds of dirt, it’s likely that you have either a gopher or a mole on your property. While these small, furry animals might not inspire the same instinctive cringe that other pests such as roaches tend to induce, they can still be highly destructive to your property. Here are some reasons to call pest control as soon as you see the first signs of a gopher or a mole:

  • Moles make it extremely difficult to keep a tidy lawn. When they burrow through the soil, they disturb the roots of grass, which can result in trails of dead, brown grass blighting an otherwise green yard. Molehills can also cause severe damage to the blades of mowers. In addition, mole tunnels can attract other pests such as voles and shrews.
  • Gophers and moles can both destroy flower beds. While moles don’t often eat flowers, they can dig away the dirt packed around flower roots in order to catch insects and grubs, which cuts the flowers off from the nourishment that allows them to survive. Gophers primarily feed on leaves and roots, which makes them a menace to any garden.
  • Moles and gophers can also gnaw through water lines, leaving you with an expensive repair bill. They can also chew on common yard appliances such as garden hoses and sprinkler systems. Failing to have your mole or gopher problem dealt with in a timely manner can result in extensive damage to your yard.

When pests have invaded your Orange County home, it’s time to call the friendly technicians at Payne Pest Management. We provide safe and thorough pest controls for pests ranging from termites to rats to roaches. If you have any questions about common household pests, don’t hesitate to call us today at (949) 450-9955.

Professional pest solutions for our neighbors in Southern California.


Payne Pest Management provides professional pest solutions for our neighbors in Southern California. We take care of termites, bed bugs, rodents, and countless other pests. Call us today at (949) 450-9955 for quality Orange County pest control
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Learn More About Common Household Pests

Kitchen pilferers

Unfortunately, pest problems almost always get worse before they get better. Arm yourself with the knowledge to make good pest control decisions by exploring this list of links about pests and pest control. Call us today at (949) 450-9955 for quality pest control in Orange County

  • Make sure the pest control company you call uses pesticides that are safe. Learn more about EPA-approved pesticides by clicking on this link.
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