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Understanding the Importance of Annual Termite Inspections of Your Home

The Inspector

Every year, termites cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes in Southern California. The longer a termite infestation goes undetected, the more costly the damage will be. To gain a clearer understanding of the importance of having your Los Angeles or Orange County home inspected for termites at least once per year, continue reading below.

Difficult Detection

In some cases, homeowners will be able to detect termites due to the presence of mud tubes or termite “swarmers.” However, these signs of a termite infestation often come too late—after a considerable amount of damage has already occurred. Furthermore, drywood termites, common in Southern California, are especially difficult to detect, because they live and feed entirely within a home’s foundation. In either case, a professional can identify an infestation early, before the termites have caused costly damage to the home.

Repair Cost

When compared against the cost of correcting damage inflicted by termites, the cost of an inspection is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it will buy you. If you do have termites living, feeding, and breeding on your property, then addressing the issue sooner will definitely cost less than if you were to wait three or four years.

Relentless Returners

Do not think that, simply because you have had problems with termites once, you are no longer susceptible to termite infestation. Repeat termite infestations are not uncommon.

Irreversible Damage

A termite control expert can eliminate termites from your property, and a contractor is likely to be able to restore much or all of your home’s structural integrity following a termite problem. The resale value of your home, however, will drop in relation to the length and severity of the termite occupation.

Are you a resident of Los Angeles, San Diego, or Orange County who is looking for a termite control expert to inspect your home for signs of termite infestation? If so, Payne Pest Management is here for you. To arrange to have a professional visit your home today, call (949) 450-9955.

A Closer Look at the Three Types of Termite Control Treatments

House For Sale Bank Owned

If you were recently informed that your commercial or residential property is infested by termites, what do you do next?  Chances are high that the pest management expert has already informed you of the different types of termite control options available to you, and perhaps recommended one of them. If you would like to learn more about the three general methods of termite elimination, keep reading.


Used primarily for minor drywood termite infestations, localized termite treatments focus on small areas of your home. Environmentally friendly termiticides are available for these “spot” treatments, often in the form of wood board injections. The most major criticism of some localized treatments is that termites living in hard-to-access areas of your home may not be detected.

Entire Property

Unlike drywood termites, subterranean cellulose termites live in the soil beneath or around your home. While they typically concentrate on one section of your home at a time, they can build a complex network of tubes and make their way to other areas of your home if they choose. To end a subterranean termite infestation, a pest control professional is likely to treat the entire perimeter of your home or business with a termiticide that will result in speedy destruction of the ground-dwelling termite colony that has invaded your property.

Tent Fumigation

Canopy, or tent, fumigation is a fast-acting and effective whole-structure treatment that is ideal for dealing with widespread drywood termite infestations. A few steps will be required on your behalf and you will be asked to vacate the premises for a couple of days, but every last termite will be exterminated and no long-term treatment associated effects will be had on your home.

At Payne Pest Management, our termite control specialists know how to spot and annihilate termite populations. Based on the type of termite living on your property’s boundaries and the nature of the colony’s presence, an experienced and knowledgeable member of our team will recommend an effective form of treatment. To find out more about our termite control services, call (949) 450-9955.

Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Kitchen

Pests are not desirable guests in any room of your home—especially the kitchen, where food is stored, prepared, and oftentimes eaten. To ensure that pests do not find their way into the food in your pantry or on your table, check out this helpful video clip.

From cracks in your stove or water pipes to dog or cat food that is left on the ground, several circumstances in your kitchen may be inviting to pests that you are not even aware of. This video addresses these issues, and offers advice for solving them.

If pests continue to disturb your cooking and dining space after you take the advice offered in this video clip, then you should charge a pest control professional with the task of keeping those pests away. Serving homeowners throughout Orange County, Payne Pest Management is a reputable pest solution provider that can be contacted at (949) 450-9955.

Five Facts About Bed Bugs You Didn't Know Before

Bug closeup

Bed bugs are generally not dangerous, but they are one of the most major pest nuisances Americans face today. If you would like to learn more about these reviling yet fascinating insects, then keep reading to learn important facts about bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Are Reddish Brown

Most people know that bed bugs are small, but many do not know much about their appearance beyond that. Bed bugs are oval-shaped, relatively flat, and have a red-brown coloring.

Pre-Dawn Is High Time for Bed Bugs

Humans living in bed bug infested spaces are vulnerable to bites throughout the night, but the bed bug’s preferable feeding time is shortly before sunrise, between 30 and 90 minutes before the break of dawn.

Bed Bugs Have Impressive Immune Systems

The consistency with which bed bugs have fed on human blood for several thousand years is a testament to their resiliency. A close look at the epidemiology of bed bugs reveals that females have developed an organ that destroys bacteria entering the body.

Bed Bugs Anesthetize Their Food Sources

Bed bugs are known for feeding on their prey for hours without disturbing them from sleep. This can be explained by nerve-numbing properties of bed bug saliva that locally anesthetize a patch of skin before the bloodsucking bite begins.

Bed Bugs Emit a Distinct Odor

When bed bug populations are dense, their odor can be detected by the human nose. The smell comes from their feces, which produce a musky, sweet scent.

If you think that bed bugs may have infiltrated your home, Payne Pest Management can help. To speak with an experienced and knowledgeable bed bug control professional serving Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, call (949) 450-9955.

Your Guide to Common Lawn Pests

Columbian ground squirrel

When it comes to pest control, most homeowners concern themselves first and foremost with pests that invade their home. While bugs and mice can cause damage and pose health concerns inside the home, there is a host of pests that can wreak havoc on your lawn as well. Three common Southern California lawn pests that you or your pest control professional may encounter are as follows:


Active year-round, gophers are exceptional diggers that can build a network of burrows underneath your home, where they can live and feed undetected for quite some time. Gophers eat at the root systems of a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees, attacking your well-groomed and maintained laws from underneath the earth’s surface. These burrowing rodents can also chew through your home’s water lines, causing expensive structural damage and further hindering your lawn’s growth by ruining sprinkler systems.

Lawn Squirrels

Whereas gophers attack your lawn from beneath, squirrels cause damage above ground. Chewing on leaves and climbing about the trees and shrubs on your lawn and in your garden, lawn squirrels sacrifice the livelihood of your lawn in an attempt to improve their own. A pest control professional can work with you to remove existing squirrels from your property and make it less attractive to squirrels that pass through your neighborhood in the future.


Feeding on earthworms and grubs, moles can make quite a cozy home out of your lawn. Digging and burrowing on your property in a manner similar to that of gophers, moles can detract from the quality and consistency of your soil and make a mess out of your lawn. The best way to solve a mole problem on your property is to hire a professional to trap and remove them for you.

To speak with an Orange County pest control professional that can inspect and treat your lawn for gophers, lawn squirrels, and moles—as well as work with you to keep bugs and rodents from invading your home—contact Payne Pest Management. Call (949) 450-9955 to arrange an inspection today!

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