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Rodent Control in Orange County

Rodents are some of the most common unwelcome visitors in American homes. In addition to causing damage to your home and eating your food, rodents can carry diseases that could threaten the health of your family. At Payne Pest Management, we offer rodent removal and rodent control as part of our comprehensive pest control services in Orange County and San Diego. Whether you need to get rid of an infestation or want to include rodent control as part of your residential pest control plan, we have the solution that's best for your needs.

How Rodents Enter Your Home

Rodents are attracted to human homes for the food, water, and shelter they provide. Understanding how rodents can enter your home is an important part of maintaining effective long-term rodent pest control.

  • Mice and rats have long, cylindrical bodies that can fit through holes that may appear too small for their size. Small holes and openings in your home where cables or vents have been removed but never repaired often offer an easy entrance and exit.
  • Rodents may also enter your home through cracks and poorly-fitted doors and windows.
  • Mice and rats are good climbers; they can enter your home through damaged areas of your roof, such as missing shingles or flashing and holes in your eaves.
  • Poorly-sealed drainage, plumbing, and even gas pipes can provide a pathway into your home for smaller mice. Rodents have also been known to enter homes through sewer lines.

Components of Successful Rodent Control

Rodent control means not only removing any rodents present in your home, but preventing future infestations as well. Your pest control expert at Payne Pest Management can help you develop a home pest control plan that includes effective rodent control; call us today at (877) 365-5629 for more information on our pest control services in Orange County.

  • The first step in rodent control is identifying whether there is a problem currently in your home. If rodents are present, they must be removed before further steps can be taken.
  • All entry points that can allow rodents access to your home will be identified and sealed to prevent mice or rats from using them for access in the future.
  • Transfer food products packaged in boxes or bags into plastic, glass, or stainless steel containers. If you keep grass seed or other garden seeds in your garage or basement, place these in airtight containers as well.
  • If you free feed your pets, consider switching to a feeding schedule. Remove any uneaten food after a few minutes to avoid attracting rodents.
  • Clear away excess clutter, such as old boxes and clothing, and keep trash in lidded containers.

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