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Aug 18, 2016 | | Chula Vista, CA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

To Payne Pest Management: I do not usually follow up on a professional service with a review, but after the exemplary service I received from Tim Ostrowski during the termite treatment of my Charter Point home, I felt compelled to make it known. Too often good service, though rightfully expected by consumers, goes unmentioned once delivered. I discovered dry wood termite evidence on the front steps of my Charter Point townhome in January of this year. After two "doom and gloom" inspections from other pest control companies, I called Payne because they handle the pest control services for Charter Point. Tim was the Payne inspector, and he reassured me we could get the problem under control one way or the other. Living in an owner responsible townhome in a complex of multi-unit buildings presented a daunting task for cooperation between owners. In my case, two of the four units were occupied by rental tenants so locating and communicating with the owners was a challenging task, much less getting agreement to perform the preferred tenting fumigation. Without Tim's consistent help, encouragement, and working with the other owners, I don't think it would ever have happened. In fact, when I attended an HOA board meeting I was advised that based on past experience it would be almost impossible to get agreement to tent from the other three owners, and that I should just resign to spot treatment. After initially submitting a letter for dissemination to owners of the other three units in my building, I embarked on a four-month waiting game to see if we could get agreement to treat the entire 4-unit building. Without Tim's assistance, suggestions, and follow-through, I would have given up early on and gone with spot treatment. He was ALWAYS available by phone, text, and email, even off hours, and guided me through the entire grueling process. From making all the contacts, inspections, scheduling, day-of coordination, project completion/wrap-up, and correcting a clerical glitch in the contract warranty, Tim was hands-on all the way and beyond. A job like this may be day-to-day operations for you as a company, but to me as a singular homeowner in a multi-unit community Tim's commitment to see this challenging project through to completion is not often our experience with contractors. My sincere kudos to Tim and to Payne Pest Management for a job well done. I just wanted to go the extra mile to recognize his exemplary service and professionalism as much as he did to provide it. Tim is an employee to be valued and considered for advancement to promote your company's brand!

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